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ID cards less than 5 years old that are lost, stolen, or broken will cost $20 to replace. Make sure photo has been taken within the last 6 months to renew.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my card. Is there any way to get a free replacement?

Unfortunately not. There are no circumstances where a lost ID card can be replaced for free. Do keep in mind that we are the main campus lost and found, and if you lost your card somewhere on campus, or possibly on a UTA route we may have received it. It never hurts to check.

As the replacement fee covers the cost of materials and printing, we are also unable to refund your replacement fee if you find your original card after the new card has been issued.

My card has been stolen. Is there any way to get a free replacement?

The only way we are able to offer a free replacement for a stolen card is if you are able to show us a filed police report stating that your ID card was one of the items stolen. Without this police report your ID card is considered lost and will require the $20 fee to replace.

My card id broken/not working. Is there any way to get a free replacement?

If your card is visibly broken due to natural wear and tear, or circumstances beyond your control you can bring back the broken pieces to our desk in the Sorensen Center to get a free replacement. If the card was broken because you used in a manner that it was not intended for (i.e. trying to open a locked door) or because you punched a whole in the card, then you will be required to pay the $20 replacement fee.

If your proximity access, your UTA bus pass, or any other normal function of your card is not working, please bring the card in to our desk in the Sorensen Center. If the problem is unable to be fixed, we can issue you a replacement card for free.

I think my card is more than 5 years old. Can I get a free replacement?

Yes. If your card is 5 or more years old the replacement is free. If you're not sure exactly how old your card is, bring it to our desk in the Sorensen Center where our staff members can check the card's print date.

I've had a recent name change. Do I need to replace my card?

Yes. Official name changes, whether because of marriage or other circumstances do require a replacement ID card. This replacement will be free, however it can not be completed until after an official name change has been filed with the Registrar's Office. Once your records have been changed (approx. one to two days after filing the paperwork) you may bring your previous ID Card to our desk in the Sorensen Center and request a replacement ID.

I want to change the picture on my ID card. Do I need to pass for a replacement?

Yes. If you are wanting a different picture on your physical ID card you will have to pay for the replacement. If you are simply wanting a new photo on your online profile you can submit a new photo for approval.

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