Planning Your Trip

  1. Become familiar with the field station mission, appropriate uses, and other information on the website to determine whether your activity is appropriate.
  2. Read the Reservation Request Scheduling Policies and Procedures and submit the reservation request form (please check the calendar before making a reservation request)
  3. Plan your budget (food, transportation, lodging). You may use this spreadsheet for planning.
  4. Upon approval, you will receive an email with "visitor guidelines", print one copy and have all participants read and sign. This will be given to the site manager when you arrive.
  5. You will be asked to provide copies of waivers for all participants.
  6. Contact the CRFS site manager for questions about the facility, road condition, educational specialists, etc.
  7. Contact the CRFS administrative assistant ( or 801-863-6818) for questions concerning payment, insurance, and deposit.
  8. Drive carefully and enjoy a great time at the station. Plan for a 60-minute orientation when you first arrive at the station.

CRFS Calendar (Please Check Dates Before Making Reservation Requests)