Career and Technical Education (CTE) is designed to support secondary, post secondary, and adult learners obtain technical and academic skills to better qualify for employment opportunities and develop the skills needed to be successful in their desired career or education aspirations.

Our Role at UVU

Our CTE Team is designed to facilitate the development of programs and departments at UVU that can directly prepare students to transition to employment opportunities in our service region via licensure, certificates, or associate degrees. We strive to help develop programming, explore funding opportunities, coordinate events and other outreach efforts to ensure the success of both existing and incoming students. We hope to partner with the various departments at UVU to aid in the education and preparation of “every student for success in work and life through excellence in engaged teaching, services, and scholarship” (UVU Mission). We work alongside our partners in the Career and Technical Education Collaboration Consortium (CTECC) to provide access to education and facilitate transitioning students along their academic pathway. We seek to provide support to students coming from a variety of diverse educational, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. If you have projects or efforts with which we can assist, feel free to contact the CTE Team!

Reach out to our Team!

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