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About the Program

The Culinary Arts Institute (CAI) at UVU provides premier training for students interested in a career in professional cooking or baking. The Culinary Arts Institute provides experience through engaged, industry-based learning with individualized attention. Students get hands-on training in baking and classical cooking techniques. The institute helps students become creative and professional chefs. With practical lessons and real-world experiences, graduates are well-prepared for jobs in restaurants and catering services. UVU's Culinary Arts Institute is the go-to place for anyone passionate about cooking!

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Our Recipe for Success

Step 1

Begin a hands-on learning experience by completing three pre-requisite courses and entering the program!

Step 2

Add a high-quality culinary training facility and guidance from expert chef mentors to the mix.

Step 3

Participate in comprehensive, practical courses in-person three days a week, ensuring a diverse learning experience.

Step 4

Craft a fulfilling career with a lifelong toolkit of abilities, promising a flavorful and imaginative culinary journey ahead!


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AAS in Culinary Arts

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BS in Hospitality Management

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Is the Culinary Program Right for You?

Whether the Culinary Arts Institute at UVU is right for you depends on your passion for cooking and your desire to excel in the culinary industry. If you're enthusiastic about learning hands-on culinary skills, exploring classical cooking techniques, and gaining practical experience in a professional kitchen environment, then UVU's Culinary Arts institute could be a perfect fit. The institute's focus on creativity, innovation, and real-world training prepares students for successful careers in restaurants, catering services, and beyond. If you aspire to become a skilled and knowledgeable chef, UVU's Culinary Arts Institute might just be the ideal place to nurture your talent and turn your passion for cooking into a fulfilling career.

About the Culinary Program

Faculty Spotlight

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"We have the passion and experience to help you succeed."

The Culinary Arts Institute:

  1. Gives graduates an accelerated start to their careers, forgoing years of low pay and struggling to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to advance upward.
  2. Develops a network of chefs who continue to provide mentorship long after graduation day.
  3. Gives students hands-on experience in both lab and real-world settings. You have the opportunity to see your creations bring excitement to our guests in our restaurant and at many catered events. You have already applied your schooling before your graduation.
  4. Provides opportunities for those who love competition to compete on a national level. We have produced National Student Chefs of the Year and Student Pastry Chefs of the Year. We have been regional and national Knowledge Bowl team champions with the ACF.  We have won regional and State SkillsUSA competitions and competed on the national level as well.

Kenneth Francom, Chef

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Salaries and Job Outlook

Opportunities Everywhere

As a result of more working adults with growing disposable incomes, the culinary arts field continues to grow. Occupations for food preparation and baking/pastry chefs are available in various industries.


Chefs and Head Cooks


Food Service Managers



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Restaurant and Catering

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Restaurant Forte

Restaurant Forte is where delicious food prepared by thriving culinary arts students and good company join together to honor the roots of UVU’s Culinary Arts Institute and to toast its promising future.

Thank you for dining with us. Bon Appétit!

Discover Restaurant Forte
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Choose our catering and empower aspiring chefs. Our student chefs infuse passion and creativity into every dish, providing a delightful culinary experience. Your support helps them gain valuable experience and contributes to the future of the culinary industry. Make your event a platform for their dreams.

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Student Resources

CAI Internships

Visit the CET internships page for culinary arts, or talk to the CET Internship Advisor Stacey Brown.

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CAI Private Scholarships

After clicking the link below, choose the "Culinary" option in the "Sort Scholarships By Category" section.

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