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UVU Student Volunteers

The Office for Global Engagement no longer runs the Dual Language Immersion Fair, please contact the Department of Languages and Cultures for information about future DLI fairs.

If you are a UVU student who speaks French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese or German, and would like to volunteer your time at one of the fairs during the months of February and March, please contact the language coordinator for each language for more information.

In accordance with UVU policy regarding Minor on Campus, volunteers are only able to help with activies or competitions in the presence of Authorized Adults. These are UVU faculty or staff who help organize the event and teachers of the students from the elementary schools.

All volunteers must confirm their participation before the start of the fair so they can be checked against the Sex Offender Registry. Volunteers must check-in at the regsitration desking using government approved ID. Once their identity is confirmed, they  will receive a lanyard denoting them as official volunteers.

Please note: All volunteers will need to sign a volunteer agreement form.

Parent Volunteers

Adult Supervisors from immersion schools should include immersion partner classroom teachers (language and English) and volunteer parents. Schools can register as many volunteer parents as needed. It is recommended that a minimum of three volunteer parents register per classroom but no more than 1 parent per ten children. Please include all adult supervisor names in registration forms. Upon arrival, parents are required to check-in at the Visitor's Welcome Table at the Grande Ballroom.


Utah Dual Immersion Fund

The Utah Dual Immersion Fund (UDIF) at Utah Valley University strives to enhance Utah's Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs. Encouraging immersion program participants to achieve their full potential, funds raised through the Foundation will open new doors of opportunity for Utah dual language immersion students, teachers, schools and districts through scholarships for research and study and awards for outstanding performance.

UDIF Diagram. A pyramid with schools and districts supporting students and teachers.

Funds raised through the UDIF will focus on:

Students: Awards to DLI students based on performance and need for extracurricular language learning opportunities including study abroad, summer language programs and post K-12 education.

Teachers: Grants to DLI teachers for research and study based on project proposals that provide evidence of significant impact on the DLI community.

Schools: Awards to select schools based on high-quality performance. Funds will be used to enhance the immersion classrooms and add cultural value to the whole-school community.

Districts: Scholarships based on performance and need to Education students graduating from Utah’s immersion-certified universities. Districts will benefit from the increased pool of immersion teacher applicants, enabling them to add stable and quality-rich immersion programs throughout Utah.

Text bubble that says: Huan Ying! Coming out of the word Chinese
Text bubble that says:Welcome! Coming out of the word English
Text bubble that says: Bienvenue! Coming out of the word French
Text bubble that says: Bem-vindo! Coming out of the word Portuguese
Text bubble that says: Beinvenido! Coming out of the word Spanish
Text bubble that says: Willkommen! Coming out of the word German