Utah Diplomatic Conference on International Trade Relations

Foreign Investment | Tech/Innovation | Sustainability | Free Trade Agreements

Conference Information

What is it? 

In early November, more than a dozen foreign diplomats, including ambassadors, consuls ceneral and trade commissioners, will visit the State of Utah to present and dialogue with local government, business, academicians, students, and the public at large, on the topics of free trade, foreign investment, innovation & technology, and sustainability. The objective of this conference is to engage in a global conversation that may lead to building international relationships and business opportunities.  This conference serves as a learning venue where local and foreign representatives exchange ideas, network, and develop potential collaborations. 

Who should attend?

This event is intended for those who wish to learn about Utah’s current position on the areas of free trade, foreign investment, innovation & technology and sustainability.  Furthermore, foreign diplomats will engage on the same topics to find common grounds and growth opportunities.  The conference is open and free of charge to the general public, although registration is required.


Who promotes and organized this event?

The diplomatic conference is promoted by Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Utah State Legislature, the Utah Consular Corps, the World Trade Center of Utah, US Commercial Services, US Department of State Foreign Missions, Utah Council for Citizens Diplomacy, chambers of commerce, universities, and local non-government organizations.  This event is organized and sponsored by the Office for Global Engagement at Utah Valley University.


What is the format of the conference?  See program for more specific details.