Global Spotlight

Global Spotlight is a unique program at Utah Valley University and is housed in the Office for Global Engagement. It is carefully designed with the intent to trigger global and intercultural engagement across campus and within the community.

Each school year a country or a region of the world is selected and the learning begins. Conferences, demonstrations, ceremonies, discussion panels, faculty exchanges, and lecture series are each carefully formulated to enlighten participants. 

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Past Spotlights

Japan global spotligh banner

JAPAN 2019-2020

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Spain global spotlight banner

SPAIN 2017-2018

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Israel global spotlight banner

ISRAEL 2016-2017

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Canada global spotlight banner

CANADA 2015-2016

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Peru global spotlight banner

PERU 2014-2015

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Mexico global spotlight image

MEXICO 2013-2014

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Eurasia global spotlight banner

EURASIA 2012-2013 

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Brazil global spotlight banner

BRAZIL 2011-2012

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China global spotlight banner

CHINA 2010-2011

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