Model United Nations

Model UN Conference - 2022

Utah Valley University hosted its first ever Model United Nations Conference for Utah High Schools on February 1, 2020. We were honored to have as our Opening Plenary keynote speaker, Mr. Felipe Queipo, Communications Officer, Civil Society Unit, Department of Global Communications, United Nations.  Several UVU students from the Model UN class have participated in regional competitions. During this conference, these university students offered their talents and skills to mentoring the next generation of debaters and negotiators. A total of 5 schools, 106 high school students, and 10 UVU student volunteers participated in the UVU Model UN conference. In preparation, students researched their country’s policy on each of the issue topics. Many submitted policy papers outlining their country’s position to receive a “Superior Excellence” distinction on their participation certificates.


General Information:

Registration fee: $50 per school registration.  The $5 per each student registration fee can be paid up until the day of the conference, January 29, 2022. Teams can consist of either a single student or pairs - be sure to clarify when you register. Conference materials and a box lunch are included in the student registration fee. 

School Registration
$50 per school attending

Student Registration
$5 per student attending

Minor Participation Agreement: As this event will include minors, all students must complete the Activity Participation Agreement for Minors form and bring a signed copy to the event or email a scanned copy to Please direct all correspondence and questions to
Click the link to access the UVUMUN 2022 Manual.

Volunteers:  To volunteer, fill out this form.  Then complete the Volunteer Agreement form. Students under 18 must complete the Activity Participation Agreement for Minors form.

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Important Dates & Information:

MONDAY, January 3, 2022

  • Online Registration closes - $50 per school
  • Country Preference due - Each school can submit up to 7 country preferences. Be sure to list your top choice first. All assignments will be made on a first come, first served basis. Please send country preferences to Andrew Jensen:
  • Please check your school’s assignment for accuracy, as soon as possible. The final list of country assignments will be posted by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, January 4, 2022

 TUESDAY, January 18, 2022

  • Opening Addresses due - Each school may submit ONE address to be given in the conference's opening assembly for consideration. The speeches should address the topic of: What the State of Utah is doing to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Select one of the 17 SDGs. The speech should be written from the State of Utah perspective. The speech may not be longer than one page typed, double-spaced in no smaller than 12-point font. Along with the speech, please send biographical information of no more than one paragraph about the speaker. 
  • Security Council Candidacy due - An individual student or advisor may submit one sentence on why the student would be a good candidate to the following email: Be sure to include the full name of the student and school. 

 THURSDAY, January 27, 2022

  • Policy Papers due -  (one page, double-spaced) must be emailed to by this date. Remember that delegates submitting late papers are ineligible for a “superior” delegate distinction. You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of submitted policy papers. The committee topics are listed in the Advisers’ Handbook on page 8.

 SATURDAY, January 29, 2022

  • Model UN Conference - The conference will take place from approximately 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM in various locations in the UVU Clarke Building. Payment of individual delegate fees ($5 per participant) can be made online leading up to the conference but must be made by that day.

Committee Topics: 

     Opening Address Topic: What the State of Utah is doing to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

     Tournament Issue Book

General Assembly:

  1. COVID-19 and Climate Change
  2. Terrorism in the 21st Century
  3. Addressing Sustainable Development Goal 1: Eradicating Poverty


  1. Measures to Address the Rise of Organized Crime
  2. Measures to Combat Deforestation and Desertification
  3. Strengthening Partnerships to Enhance National and Local Capacity Building

World Health Organization:

  1. Strengthening Maternal Health Care Systems in Developing Countries
  2. Strengthening Food Security and Production Systems in Relation to Nutrition
  3. Strengthening Efforts to Achieve Universal and Equitable Access to Safe and Affordable Drinking Water for All.

United Nations Security Council:

Topics to be determined at the time of the convening of the conference.  An individual student or advisor may submit one sentence on why the student would be a good candidate to the following email:  Be sure to include full name of the student and school. 


School Name                      
Brighton High School 10 United Kingdom Norway Sweden Spain Belgium Italy Hungary Poland Austria Ireland
InTech Collegiate Academy 4 Canada United States Germany Australia            
Layton Christian Academy 2 India Netherlands                
Maeser Preparatory Academy - TBD                  
NUAMES 4 Vietnam France Brazil Denmark            
Timpview High School 4 China New Zealand Israel Phillippines            
Weber High School 5 Japan Belarus DPRK Iceland Samoa          
Westlake High School 2 Thailand Egypt                
Wasatch IDL 2 Russia South Korea                


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General Assembly

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Security Council


Economic and Social Council


World Health Organization