Important Notice

Please keep in mind that you must apply to graduate regardless of if you are participating in any ceremonies.

Graduation Regalia (Cap and Gown)

Each graduate participating in the graduation ceremonies is required to wear the official university-approved graduation regalia.  Graduates will be able to purchase regalia at 'UVU Grad Fest' at a discounted price or through Jostens online. Additional items such as college/school stole, zipper pulls, program distinction cords, academic honors medallions, and other graduation-related items can also be purchased.  See below for more information.



Required Graduation Regalia (Academic Dress)



  • Cap (Mortarboard): Green
  • Cap Tassel: Green and white with miniture UVU seal charm
  • Gown: Green with white UVU monogram logo on left sleeve
  • Sash: White base with green trim and UVU logos (UVU seal left side, UVU monogram right side)


  • Cap (Mortarboard): Black
  • Cap Tassel: Green and white with miniture UVU seal charm
  • Gown: Black with green UVU monogram logo on left sleeve (differs from undergraduate cap and gowns, has extended sleeves and button to fasten hood)
  • Sash: Green base with white trim and UVU logos (UVU seal left side, UVU monogram right side)
  • Hood: Green and black, with velvet color based on your college or school

Regalia Ordering Options

UVU women student in green UVU regalia.

Grad Fest

#1: Sign Up to Attend and Shop at UVU Grad Fest

Start celebrating at UVU Grad Fest, your 'One-Stop Grad Shop!'  Come pick up your cap and gown, pick up your gifts, win prizes, and give a shout-out in the '2021 Thank You' video.  Get exclusive graduate discounts (20% off) on graduation regalia, frames, rings, announcements, your new UVU alumni apparel, etc.

> > > UVU GRAD-PACK PRICING SHEET (Available evening of March 2) < < <

In early March 2021, Sign up (required) for a one 30 minute shopping time slot to attend Grad Fest for exclusive discounts! Limited regalia quantities at UVU Grad Fest.  Face masks and 6-foot distancing is required.   

  • Dates: Tuesday, March 30 and Wednesday, March 31, 2021
  • Times: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: UVU Main Campus, Clarke Building (CB-510)

NO RENTALS: UVU and Jostens do not rent graduation regalia.

#2: Order Online at

ORDER YOUR CAP AND GOWN EARLY ONLINE: If you are not able to attend Grad Fest please order online at by Friday, March 26, 2021.

Regalia Attire


The mortarboard (the square part of the cap) should be worn flat on the head. Caps should not be worn on the back of the head.  The front of the cap is indicated on the inside of the crown.


Before commencement, your tassel should be worn on the right side of your cap. During commencement, you will be instructed to move your tassel to the left side.  For convocation, your tassel should be worn on the left side unless otherwise instructed by your convocation representative.

UVU Graduation Tassel Seal Charm


Your college/school stole should be draped over the shoulders, on top of the UVU sash.


The UVU sash is required to be worn at commencement and convocation ceremonies. The UVU sash should be evenly draped over the shoulders, underneath the college/school stole.


Silver-toned enamel, metal regalia zipper pull featuring full-color UVU Seal or Mascot logos, 1.5" inches in diameter.


Gowns are the main robe attire honoring your dedication at commencement. Undergraduate gowns are a specific forest green material with the UVU monogram logo embroidered on the left sleeve.

UVU Undergraduate Gown


Gowns are the main robe attire honoring your dedication at commencement. Master's gowns are black with the UVU monogram logo embroidered on the left sleeve and differ slightly from the undergraduate gown shown in green.  Hoods are for master graduates only. Please refer to the directions on the packaging, for how to appropriately wear the hood.

UVU Masters Regalia and Hood


Additional Regalia Information

Caring For Your Gown

For the best appearance, the gown should be removed from the package immediately after purchase and placed on a hanger to allow the folds to fall out. Steaming the gown or hanging the gown in a high humidity area, will accelerate the process.  Ironing is not recommended and may damage the regalia.

Social Responsibility

The 'Elements Collection' regalia (cap, gown, and hood shell) is made from fabric fiber biobased product created from wood sourced exclusively from renewable, managed forests, which has been shown in scientific tests to biodegrade under controlled conditions.*  Also, the Eco-Zip™ coil zipper tape and teeth are made from 100% recycled PET.

*In a laboratory test conducted by an independent testing facility in accordance with ASTM D5511 and ISO 15985, biodegradation of 85.5% was achieved within 2 months under specific temperature and humidity conditions. Results under different conditions or at landfills in your area may vary and continued decomposition rates are unknown. 

Grads 'Give Back'

With each purchase of Jostens 'Elements Collection' caps and gowns, Jostens will donate to UVU causes that give back to our environment. Graduates can participate, by dropping off their regalia card at UVU Grad Fest or by entering the regalia's hangtag number online at

Academic Honors and Program Distinctions

The UVU Alumni Association has academic honors medallions and program distinction cords available to purchase online for students who are eligible to participate in the May 7, 2021 graduation ceremonies, excluding Summer 2021 exception participants. Most students purchase an honors medallion and/or distinction cords to wear during the graduation ceremonies, while others purchase them as memorabilia. Students can purchase a medallion and/or cord even if they're not planning on participating in the graduation ceremonies. Within the online ordering form, there will be a pickup option for your medallion/cord at Grad Fest or it can be shipped to you.

Deadline to Purchase: June 11, 2021.


Academic Honor Medallions

Academic Honors Medallions ($19) 

Medallions are a great way to visually represent your academic achievement (hard work to obtain great grades in your UVU classes). The front of the medallion is engraved with the official UVU seal. The medallion color (bronze, silver, or gold) correlates with the honors type.

Who Can Purchase a Medallion?

Students who meet the following criteria will be eligible to purchase an academic honors medallion within the online order form:

  • Graduated in Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020 ...OR... Applied to graduate in Spring and Summer 2021...
  • with an Associate or Bachelor degree program...
  • and a 3.6+ UVU Cumulative GPA (at the end of your graduating semester; Spring 2021 applicants GPA based on Fall 2020 semester).
    • Associate Honors - Silver: 3.6-3.79
    • Associate High Honors - Gold: 3.8-4.0
    • Bachelor Cum Laude - Bronze: 3.6-3.79
    • Bachelor Magna Cum Laude - Silver: 3.8-3.89
    • Bachelor Summa Cum Laude - Gold: 3.9-4.0

How Can I See If I'm Eligible to Purchase a Medallion?

The online order form will only allow eligible graduates/students to purchase a medallion and will indicate which medallion they may purchase.

If you would like to check your status before accessing the online order form, you can do so by looking at your unofficial Academic Transcript: 

  1. Login to using your UVID and password. (If needed, there are links on the myUVU page for you to lookup your UVID and recover/reset your password. For additional help logging into myUVU, contact the IT Service Desk at or 801-863-8888.)
  2. Click Students or Former Students in the submenu
  3. Click My Academic Records
  4. Click Unofficial Academic Transcript
  5. Select Transcript Level Undergraduate
  6. Click Submit
  7. Your Unofficial Academic Transcript will be displayed
    • If your Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Fall 2020 degree has been awarded, it will show near the top of your transcript under "DEGREES AWARDED" with "Graduated" and any honors if awarded (Honors, High Honors, Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude).
    • If your Spring 2021 degree has not yet been awarded, it will show near the top of your transcript under "DEGREES AWARDED" with "Applied to Graduate" and a blank "Degree Date". 
    • If you're a Spring 2021 graduation applicant, Spring 2021 grades won't be finalized until after the graduation ceremonies so you can purchase a medallion now based on your Fall 2020 UVU Cumulative GPA. In the academic transcript, verify all grades have been posted through Fall 2020 semester then verify your UVU Cumulative GPA for Fall 2020 is 3.6 or higher. If your academic honors eligibility/type changes after your Spring 2021 degree is awarded by the UVU Graduation Office, you can bring your medallion to the UVU Alumni Office and exchange it.
    • If you're a Summer 2021 graduation applicant, you are participating on an exception basis and are not eligible for academic honors recognition during the 2021 ceremonies. If your degree is awarded with honors, you will be eligible to purchase honors in Spring 2022.

More Honors/Medallion Questions?

If you have questions regarding your academic honors, please contact If you have questions about purchasing or exchanging a medallion, please contact

Program Distinction Cords

Program Distinction Cords ($16 each) 

Cords are a great way to visually represent a specific UVU program, distinction, organization, chapter, or other affiliation (collectively referred to as "program" hereafter for ease of reference) you had during your time at UVU.  The cord color correlates with the program type. All cords are doubled (two cords tied together by a knot).

Who Can Purchase or Receive a Cord? 

Ceremony eligible graduates/students who fall under one or more of the following programs can purchase or receive a program distinction cord.

Cords Provided by Programs

Specific cords are purchased by the representing programs for their graduates.  If you fall under one of the following programs, please contact your program coordinator to pick up your assigned distinction cord.

  • First-Generation Students - Green and Silver braided (contact to obtain your cord)
  • Global/Intercultural Distinction - Sky Blue
  • Honors Program Graduate Distinction - Iron On Patch OR Gold Cord (contact your UVU program coordinator to obtain an iron on patch or gold cord)
  • Leadership Distinction (LEAD) - White
    • High Leadership Distinction
    • Engaged Learning University Distinction in Leadership (CAL)
    • Standard Leadership Distinction (LEAD)
    • Programs: Aviation LEAD, I Am First LEAD, Tech Mgmt LEAD, Trailblazer LEAD, Women LEAD, UVU LEAD
  • Multi-Cultural Programs - Maroon
    • Cultural Envoy Leadership Program (CELP)
    • Multicultural Student Council
    • Initiatives: African Diaspora, Latino, LGBTQ, Native American, Pacific Islander
  • Student Programs & Organizations - Forest Green and White braided
    • UVUSA, Residential Community Leadership, Action Learning-Zone Managers, Spirit Squad (Cheer Team, Dance Team, Green Man Group), Wasatch Campus Student Life Representatives, Interclub Council Executive Board
  • Veterans - Red, White, and Blue braided

Cords Purchased Online by Graduates

The online order form will allow any ceremony eligible graduates/students to purchase the following cords (unless noted otherwise). However, please check with your UVU program coordinator to determine if they have additional criteria you must meet before purchasing the cord.

  • 2518 Donors - Black
  • Arts Ensembles/Companies/Productions - Lilac
    • Music Ensembles: Bands, Choirs, Ensembles (Jazz/Contemporary, Percussion, Chamber), Opera, Orchestras, Symphony
    • Dance Companies: Ballroom, Contemporary, Mos.A.I.C., Repertory Ballet, Synergy, Utah Metropolitan Ballet (Note: see Athletics for UVU Dance Team)
  • Recreational Club Teams  - Forest Green
    • Rodeo, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Club Soccer, Club Volleyball, Esports, Cycling, Bass Fishing
  • Student Programs & Organizations - Forest Green and White braided
    • Student Alumni (SAA), UVU PSS Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Presidential Interns, Prospective Student Services, UVU Review, Center for Social Impact-Service Council, Interfaith Student Council, International Student Council, Journal of Student Leadership, Clubs, Outdoor Adventure Center, UVU Mentors, etc.
    • Social Impact Scholar Distinction
    • Women of UVU Student Chapter
  • Valedictorians - Gold and White braided

Cords for Members of National Honor Societies

Consult your UVU program coordinator to determine where to purchase your cords. Some examples of national honor societies are below:

What If My UVU Program Isn't Listed?

Contact your program coordinator who will contact UVU Trademarks and Licensing.