The Core Teaching Technologies are part of the virtual infrastructure tools chosen at Utah Valley University to connect faculty with students. These tools are adopted by UVU to create a better teaching and learning experience for faculty and students.

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Canvas learning management system (LMS) is the primary educational system used for teaching and learning at UVU.


Faculty How to Start Guide

All Faculty are required to complete Online Teaching Academy certification. New and/or returning faculty are encouraged to self-enroll and review self-paced workshops.

  1. CALM Preparation
  2. Canvas Tour
  3. Canvas Skills for Faculty


For more details visitUVU Canvas.


Faculty Support


Helpful Links for Students

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While Canvas is the principal educational system for teaching and learning, MS Teams provides robust communication and collaboration layers that complement teaching and learning.


Faculty How to Start Guide

Faculty wishing to livestream courses at UVU are encouraged to register forLivestream Teaching Academy certification.


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Helpful Links for Students

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Other Teaching Tools

Additional optional tools that complement teaching and learning.


Kaltura Faculty Support

Kaltura is the video management platform at UVU. Through Canvas LMS, Kaltura (also known as the MyMedia button in Canvas) provides faculty and students with a range of tools designed to support engaging and effective teaching and learning experiences.


Proctorio Faculty Support

Proctorio provides remote proctored online assessments for their students regardless of course modality with no added proctoring fees to students.


Qualtrics Faculty Support

In general, faculty should be able to utilize CanSurvey, MS Forms or Google Forms for teaching and learning. Qualtrics provides advanced-programming users with further tooling to create custom and comprehensive survey forms.


Delphinium Faculty Support

Delphinium is an award-winning Canvas plugin that quickly adds an engaging overlay to ANY course. Its purpose is to improve student withdrawals, failures, dropouts, and performance. It helps students emphasize the SKILL, WILL, and THRILL of learning!

MS Bookings

MS Bookings Faculty Support

MS Bookings makes scheduling and managing appointments possible through a canvas course link a breeze.

Technology is a moving target.

Together we help faculty and campus succeed.