What Is Certification & Why Is It Important?

"Certification from an accredited entity is a statement of success, an indisputable mark of performance belonging to individual fire service professionals. Each successful candidate for certification from an accredited entity knows that he or she has been measured against peers and meets rigorous national standards. Certification affords the individual a uniformity and portability of qualifications. In addition, the creditability of an organization is enhanced by having members certified to national consensus standards."

Certification allows a fire service professional to be a part of the National Registry where employers can search for a potential candidate. It also ensures that they have been trained at a national standard on how to deal with dangerous situations. Read More >


Certification Council

The governing body for the firefighter certification system in the state of Utah is the Utah Fire Service Certification Council (UFSCC).  The members of the council represent various areas of the state as well as a variety of department types.


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Download Certificates & Department Reports

Use this system to view, print, and/or save copies of your certifications that have been issued. Departments can run reports of certifications for their department members.


Certificate of Completion



Certification Forms

There are forms that need to be completed for various parts of the certification program.  They include the exam request form, certification request form, and reciprocity request form.



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Certification Process

Step 1: Select the certification you are working on from the list below.

Step 2: After completing training, complete the "training record" found at the back of the certification standard.

Step 3: Request testing for written and practical tests using an Examination Request form.

Step 4: After receiving results of successfully passing the test, request certification using the Certification/Recertification Request form. (Certification does not occur automatically after passing the exams.)

Step 5:  Your department will receive a bill for certification based on the fee schedule.

Step 6:  If you did not pass the test, you may request a re-take using the Examination Request form. Upon passing, complete Step 4.

For more information, please visit our Testing and Certification FAQ page.

Certification Requirements and Prerequisites by Level


What is the Utah Live Fire Training Standard?

A committee of fire chiefs from across the state met multiple times in 2022 to review the NFPA 1403 standard. After extended discussion, the committee created the Utah Live Fire Training Standard, which meets both the requirements of NFPA 1403 and expressed needs of fire departments across the state of Utah. This new Utah Live Fire Training Standard was created to guide and support fire departments with training live fire. Its purpose is to promote safety in live fire training, especially for those departments without adequate resources and expertise. More information can be found at
Utah Live Fire Training Standard.


What is the live fire training Utah Certification Standard?

The Live Fire Training Utah Certification Standard is the tool to help firefighters earn their Utah certification in live fire training (it is not an IFSAC or Pro Board certification). A training curriculum is in the process of being developed and the plan is to have it implemented by July 2023.

Certification Standards & Training Records


Pro Board

  Firefighter I - Training Record (fillable)
  Firefighter II - Training Record (fillable)
  Awareness - Training Record (fillable)
  Operations - Training Record (fillable)
  Technician - Training Record (fillable)
  Pumper- Training Record (fillable)
  Aerial - Training Record (fillable)
  Airport - Training Record (fillable)
   Officer I - Training Record (fillable)
   Officer II - Portfolio Requirement Form
   Officer III - Portfolio Requirement Form
   Officer IV - Portfolio Requirement Form
  Instructor I - Training Record (fillable)
  Instructor II - Training Record (fillable)
Fire Inspector I, II, III Standard (Fire Inspector III is not accredited by IFSAC or Pro Board.)
  Inspector I - Training Record (fillable)
  Inspector II - Portfolio Requirement Form
  Inspector III - Portfolio Requirement Form
Investigator - Training Record (fillable)
  Wildland I - Training Record (fillable)
  Wildland II - Training Record (fillable)


Certification Fees

Fee    Item 
Free    Certification - first attempt
$40    Certification - second attempt
$60    Certification - third attempt
$90    Certification - non-fire department agencies
   $5    Recertification - all levels received (except Hazmat Tech)
   $5    Recertification - Hazmat Technician
$20    Reciprocity - per level, with IFSAC or Pro Board seals
$10    Printed original certificate with seal
$10    Additional printed ID card
$350    Out-of-state testing/certification, Officer I-IV (per level)

Reciprocity Policy

If a firefighter comes from another state with either an IFSAC seal or a Pro Board certificate, the Utah Fire Service Certification System will offer reciprocity to that firefighter upon two conditions: 1) The person must first be on a Utah fire department.  2) The level being requested must be accredited within the Utah system. Once these two conditions are met, the person may have his or her chief or training officer request reciprocity using a Reciprocity Certification Request form.  The cost for reciprocity is $20 per level.

Certification Testers

Certification Testers are representatives of the Utah Fire Service Certification Council who have applied and been trained to administer certification exams.  They will only test levels that they are certified at. Testers are required to attend yearly training and are evaluated periodically on their performance as a tester.


**New Technical Rescue – NFPA 1006, 2021 Edition

Certification Staff

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