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2020-2021 NWCG Class Schedule


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Course Pre-reqs Pre-course Hrs Dates Cost Roll
S-131 - Advanced Firefighter FFT2/WFF1 NONE 10-12 10/05/2020 $150.00 Roll
S-211 - Portable Pumps and Water Use NONE NONE 16-20 10/06-07/2020 $200.00 Roll
S-215 - Fire Operations in the Urban Interface FFT1/WFF2 NONE 16-24 10/08-09/2020 $250.00 Roll
I-200 - Basic ICS for Single Resources NONE NONE 12-16 10/13-14/2020 $200.00 Roll 
S-270 - Basic Air Operations NONE YES 16 10/15-16/2020 $250.00 Roll
L-280 - Followership to Leadership L-180 YES 16-20 10/22-23/2020 $250.00 Roll
S-200 - Initial Attack Incident Commander Single Resource Boss YES 16-19 10/20-21/2020 $200.00 Roll
S-290 - Intermediate Fire Behavior FFT2/WFF1 YES 32-40 11/30-12/03/2020 $350.00 Roll
BehavePlus - Fire Modeling (a)  NONE NONE 16 11/04-05/2020  $200.00 Roll 

S-230 - Crew Boss / S-231 - Engine Boss / S-236

Heavy Equipment

FFT1 / S-290 YES 40 12/07-11/2020 $500.00 Roll 
I-300 - Intermediate ICS I-200 NONE 18-24 12/14-16/2020 $250.00 Roll
I-400 - Advanced ICS  I-300 NONE 16 12/17-18/2020 $250.00 Roll
Rx-341 - Prescribed Fire Plan Preparation S-390 / Behave Plus YES 30-34 01/04-07/2021 $350.00 Roll
Rx-301 - Prescribed Fire Implementation FIRB/ICT4/S-390/Behave Plus YES 20-26 01/12-14/2021 $400.00 Roll
I-300 - Intermediate ICS (DTECH St. George) I-200 NONE 18-24 01/19-21/2021 $250.00  
I-400 - Advanced ICS (Winter Fire School) I-300 NONE 16 01/22-23/2021    
L-280 - Followership to Leadership (Winter Fire School)  L-180  YES  16-20 01/22-23/2021    
S-215 - Fire Ops in  Urban Interface (Winter Fire School)  FFT1/WFF2  NONE  16-24 01/22-23/2021    
S-300 - Extended Attack Incident Commander ICT4wTFLD/ENGB or CRWB YES 16-24 02/01-02/2021  $250.00 Roll 
S-330 - Task Force / Strike Team Leader Single Resourve Boss YES 18-24 02/03-05/2021 $250.00 Roll
L-381 - Incident Leadership STEN/STCW/TFLD/ICT4 YES Mailed 40 03/08-12/2021 $1,000.00 Roll
S-390 - Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations  S-290 / Single Resource YES 32-40 02/22-26/2021 $400.00 Roll
S-359 - Medical Unit Leader EMT  NONE 16-20 03/04-05/2021 $200.00 Roll
S-339 - Division Group Supervisor TFLD OR ICT4 + STCR or STEN YES 20-24 03/08-10/2021 $250.00 Roll
S-219 (a) - Ignition Operations S-290 YES 18 03/15-16/2021 $250.00 Roll
S-219 (b) - Ignition Operations S-290 YES 18 03/17-18/2021 $250.00 Roll
S-404 - Safety Officer STL/ICT4 (SOFR) -DIVS (SOF2) YES 24-28 03/31-04/02/2021 $350.00 Roll
S-260 - Fire Business Management Principles NONE NONE 16-20 TBA $200.00  
S-261 - Applied Interagency Incident Business NONE NONE 20-24 TBA $200.00  
L-380 - Fireline Leadership L-180 YES 32-40 TBA $500.00  
M-410 - Facilitative Instructor NONE YES 36 TBA $500.00  

Class Contacts:
Dan Cather (801) 863-7423, catherda@uvu.edu / Angie Menlove (801) 863-7704, menlovan@uvu.edu

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COVID-19 Modified Operations

We are committed to keeping our students and community safe as we hold classes. To provide a safer face-to-face environment for everyone, the following guidelines will be followed:


  • Masks will be required on campus and in all classrooms.
  • Room capacities have been reduced to allow for social distancing.
  • Rooms will be cleaned on a regular daily schedule.
  • Supplies will be available in each room for individual cleaning of personal classroom space.
  • Everyone will be asked to check daily for symptoms and to remain home if symptomatic, having tested positive, or otherwise at high risk.


For more information, visit the Return to Campus website.


Additional Information


To enroll in a class:

The roll for each class is posted on the NWCG Class Schedule table. Rolls are updated weekly.

Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend this course, please let us know so we may extend the invitation to other interested participants. 

  • Cancellations 10–days before the first day of class are fully refundable.
  • A 50 percent refund will be offered if cancelled within 10–days of class.
  • No shows will be billed 100 percent.

If you need to withdraw from a course please submit an email to UFRAWILDLAND@uvu.edu or contact Angie Menlove at (801) 863-7704 or by email at menlovan@uvu.edu.

*Exceptions will be made due to COVID-19.

Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment or if other conflicts arise. If your course is cancelled you will be notified by email.

Payment Information

Payment for classes can be made:

  • Online
  • By phone – Contact Angie Menlove at (801) 863-7704.
  • In person, at your class. You can bring your payment to the UFRA administrative offices, please ask for Angie Menlove.

If payment has not been made within 15 days after your class was held, an invoice will be created and submitted to the UVU billing office. Your agency will receive the invoice within 45 days of the end of the class. If you have any questions on payment or billing please contact Angie Menlove at (801) 863-7704, menlovan@uvu.edu.

Due to the funding of Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, if you are affiliated with a Utah Fire Department there is no cost to attend these courses.