Web Development Services

Welcome to WDS

Web Development Services (WDS) is a department of the Information Technology organization at Utah Valley University. We have been created to assist all departments on campus to design, implement, and maintain their presence on the web. Our highly skilled staff strives to bring innovation, performance, and image together on the web.

  • We serve as a resource for faculty wishing to implement course materials online and encourage all faculty to use the web in their instructional activities.
  • We assist the administration in creating and maintaining a professional, consistent, and accurate brand, or image, for UVU on the Web.
  • We promote the college to all those wishing to gain a higher education and provide services necessary for them to research UVU as an option.
  • We help parents in their quest to find information pertaining to UVU as they search for schools for their children or assist their students currently attending UVU.
  • We provide an infrastructure for employers to utilize in their search for highly skilled students and graduates to fill the employment needs in their companies.
  • We continually add services online for UVU staff and faculty to use as an intranet in their daily job duties.
  • We encourage the use of our Web site by our alumni in many areas including services and benefits and opportunities to be affiliated with UVU through giving or service.

Our Mission Statement

The Utah Valley University Web Development Services department supports students, faculty, staff, and the community in their educational progression by providing a dynamic, professional, and accessible medium of communication. We design, coordinate and administer the delivery of current information, portraying the direction and image of UVU. Focusing on professional customer service and assistance, we help those wishing to take part in the UVU web experience.


Improving Our Web To The 10th Power

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