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We want all Art & Design students to succeed in every part of their academic careers at UVU. We’ve gathered the following resources from within the department and across the university to help you do just that.

Meet with an Advisor Today

The School of the Arts has a great team of academic advisors to make sure you are prepared for your college journey. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor often to make sure they are on track for graduation.

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UVU Student Resources

Academic Resources

Take advantage of these excellent academic resources to succeed in your classes.

Student Success & Wellbeing

We care about our students’ health, wellbeing, and success. There are many resources available to students at UVU. If you need help finding the support system you need, please reach out.

Safety & Anti-Harrassment

Art & Design Computer Labs & Print Lab

The Department of Art & Design has 6 computer labs (GT334, GT537, GT539, GT543, GT511E, & GT511H) for students enrolled in Art & Design courses with computer instruction. It also has a print lab, located in GT516c. The A&D computer labs are for current art students. All A&D labs use Apple computers and Adobe Creative Cloud software, which are funded by A&D student fees and by The School of the Arts. The A&D computer labs are dedicated to current A&D students. Click the button below for more information about other UVU open computer labs available to all current UVU students. The Art & Design print lab phone nubmer is: 801 863-6930.


Lab Hours

GT 334

Spring Open lab hours

M-W 4:30p-7p
T-Th 8p-9p
F  10a-5p

GT 511e

Spring Open lab hours

M-W 8a-10a, & 3:30p-7p
T-Th 8a-10a
F  Available upon request*

GT 511h

Spring Open lab hours

M-W 8a-10a
T-Th 8a-10a
F  Available upon request*



GT 516c (A&D Print Lab)

Spring hours

MW 8a-5p
T-Th 8a-9:30a, & 11:30a-9p
F  10a-5p

GT 537

Spring Open lab hours

M-W 8a-10a
T-Th 8a-10a
F  10a-5p

GT 539

Spring Open lab hours

M-W 8a-10a, 3:05p-4p, & 6:05p-9p
T-Th 9:05a-1p, 3:05p-4p, & 6:05p-9p
F  10a-5p

GT 543

Spring Open lab hours

M-W 8a-9a, 11a-4p, & 6:30p-9p
T-Th 1:10p-5:30p, & 7:10p-9p
F  Available upon request*

*Labs can be open for Art & Design student use during these times, by inquiring in the Art & Design Print Lab or by contacting


Adobe tutors available:

Adobe tutors are available During spring and fall semesters. 

For more information about Adobe tutors and to sign up, inquire in Art & Design print lab, gt516c. (801 863-6930)

Linked in Learning instructional videos are also available for UVU students. For information about UVU's Linked in Learning, use this weblink:

UVU has also partnered with Pluralsight to support digital literacy and technology skill development for all students, faculty, and staff. As a member of the UVU campus community, you now have unlimited access to Pluralsight’s wide range of courses and resources. Use this link to get more information about UVU and Pluralsight=>

UVU Student computing is a great resources for students to gain Mac & PC computer access with the Adobe software. UVU Student Computing information.


Art & Design Labs Closure Dates:

  • Jan 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Feb 19 - President's Day
  • Mar 11-16 - Spring Break 
  • May 2-3 - UVU Commencement & Convoacations
  • All Art & Design computer labs and the A&D print lab will close for sSpring semester at 9pm Wednesday May 1, 2024 and will not reopen until summer until after Summer semester begins on May 8, 2024.

These dates are based off of the: 2024 UVU Spring Schedule

*hours are subject to change without notice.


Window Mat Cutting for students is available by appointment.


Window Mat Cuts are available by appointment. Window cuts cost $1.00 per window. Mat boards need to be cut down to their outer dimensions and students will need to know the dimensions of their window sizes that they need cut prior to appointment. Here is a pdf file that can be used to fill in the width and heigth of the mat boards and window cuts: matboard window cut template.

Here is a useful link to mat board calculator spreadsheet webpage and information: Shuster Mat Board Calculator Page. Here is a link to the excel spreadsheet file: Excel Mat board calculator.

For window mat cutting appointments, please contact Phil Ah You via this link: Message Phil or you can find his contact info from this link: Phil Ah You's UVU professional page.

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Internship Policy, Procedures, and Agreement

Students working as employees of a business, agency, or institution performing duties that directly relate to the student’s area of study may receive elective credit towards their major. Internship credit is granted through completion of up to six credit hours of ART 281R and/or up to six credit hours of ART 481R or a combination of credit from each (6 credits maximum in each area). All internship credit must be pre-approved through the appropriate Area Coordinator (signature required) and verified with the Art & Design Internship Coordinator before registration. Students must follow the steps below and complete the application to register for A&D Internship credit.

A&D Internship Requirements

  • 60 work hours = 1 credit hour
  • Hours must be worked during the semester in which the student is enrolled.
  • Specific work objectives must be recorded and met.
  • The onsite supervisor must verify the work experience with the A&D internship Coordinator.
  • Self-employment is not eligible for internship credit.
  • Internship credit will show as credit (CR) or no-credit (NC) only on student transcripts.

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Travel Experiences & Excursions

The Art & Design Department offers a variety of travel experiences, both for-credit and not-for-credit.

Of particular note are summer study abroad programs, such as Professor Steven Bule’s for-credit excursion to Italy, which introduces students to the history of art and architecture through visits to churches, museums, and other monuments. Additionally, the department offers rotating study abroad experiences based on demand and opportunity. Recent programs include Painting in Italy and France, Photography & Illustration in the British Isles, and Art History & Photography in Northern Europe.

For more information on UVU’s study abroad programs, see: UVU Study Abroad

The department also regularly offers travel excursions and student trip opportunities. Previous trips include art capitals such New York as San Francisco, as well as course excursions to produce creative works in such locations as Moab, Capitol Reef Field Station, and the Utah National Parks. The Art & Design book project also offers opportunities to travel both domestically and internationally. Contact the department for more information about current opportunities.

Locker Rentals

Students are able to rent lockers in the GT building, floors 3-6. Locker rentals can be obtained in the main office of the Facilities Complex (FC 100). The Facilities Department is open Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Questions can be directed to (801) 863-8130.

Locker Cost: $5 per Semester -or- $13 for 3 Consecutive Semesters

*Locker rental fees can be paid with cash, check or credit/debit card.