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In operation since 1988, the UVU School of Aviation Sciences has trained and educated thousands of FAA-certified pilots and aviation industry professionals. As our safety record and graduate job placement rate (over 92%) attest, uncompromising safety and top-notch quality are the themes of our flight training and academic curriculum. The flexibility granted through our online and on-campus course delivery options makes UVU an ideal choice for anyone with an interest in aeronautical careers.

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Aerospace Technology Management

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Aviation Management

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Aviation Science

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"There are many fascinating things that go into the successful completion of a flight, and many different roles that are required to make those things happen. At UVU, we can help you achieve your desire to have a part in the aviation or aerospace industry. The School of Aviation Sciences at UVU offers a wide array of courses and focus areas to prepare you for the aviation and aerospace career you want. You will also have the opportunity to partake in real-world efforts through internships, job shadows, as well as research projects that work with industry and government partners to solve real-world problems."

Jack Troutt, Department Chair

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UVU aviation boasts a fleet of 25 aircraft, including Diamond DA40 XLT and the Piper PA-44 Seminole.

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UVU aviation is connected with 10 airline partners.

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Be a Part of History with a Career in Aviation

Do you want to make history with a career in aerospace? With aerospace technology management, the future is yours. You’ll develop skills and competencies that can take you into a range of aerospace industry careers.

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  • woman throwing a paper airplane

    Alaina Bean

    "Aviation has fueled my driven personality and allowed me to thrive in an environment where I am pushed to be my best every day. Now as an instructor, I have a whole different perspective into flight training and how to help others succeed."

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  • woman in front of a plan

    Julie Hafen

    "I've come to realize that women are just as capable as men. The airplane doesn't care about gender. It cares about skill and knowledge."

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  • a-10 warthog plane

    Bud Munns

    As an A-10 "Warthog" military fighter pilot, Bud Munns credits his success to the education and opportunities he received while attending the Utah Valley University.

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  • students holding flags around a plane

    International Students

    The Utah Valley University Aviation Program hosts students from all over the globe. The flight program offered at UVU is flexible and provides opportunities for international students to expand their skill-set and meet their goals.

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  • b-17 plane

    First Flight Experience

    Joe takes a first flight at the School of Aviation Sciences at the Provo Airport.

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  • man in a pilot uniform

    Bridger Nemeth

    "I think a phrase/quote that consistently helped me to push through the long hours of college and the consistent training is, 'Do not fear the journey, enjoy the ride.'"

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  • woman standing in front of a plane

    Alison Britton

    I know the training and hard work I put in at UVU to obtain my degree and pilot certifications has led me to the pinnacle of my career.

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Aviation Internships

Visit the CET internships page for aviation or talk to the CET Internship Advisor Stacey Brown.

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Aviation Student Resources

Find aviation clubs, internships and scholarships, textbook requirements, mentorships, and more.

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Introductory Flights

We offer introductory flights on Saturdays only for individuals interested in joining the UVU Aviation Program. For more details, pricing, and scheduling, please complete the request form.

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