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The Department of Philosophy & Humanities provides an education in the intellectual and creative underpinnings of the liberal arts curriculum.
Philosophy explores the enduring questions of human life. Humanities examines the objects humans have created to respond to those questions.
Students in both programs learn how to think critically, communicate clearly and persuasively, and adapt to new perspectives and cultural insights.




Philosophy engages life’s greatest questions – on ethics, on human existence, on reality and our place within it – and explores the history of ideas.


Humans create objects. Humanities is the interdisciplinary study of those objects – artworks, machines, ideas – and the ways they express the human condition.

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Happenings in Humanites: Jared Williams, Sculptor

November 20 | UVU Student Center 206A/B | 7 PM


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Philosophy Office: CB 507
Humanities Office: CB 211H
Phone: 801-863-8352
Mailstop: 173


Advisor: Kindra Amott
For Appointments: 801-863-5717
Phone: 801-863-6717
Office: CB 506H


Department Chair: Leslie Simon
Associate Chair: Shannon Mussett
Humanities Director: Kim Abunuwara
Administrative Support: Adam Donahoo

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