Fall 2020 Update

The UVU Department of Philosophy and Humanities has determined to run many courses online this fall, in order to ensure the safety of our faculty, staff, and students. Your health is our paramount concern. We are working assiduously at present to build out a semester of rich and innovative online teaching – with both synchronous and asynchronous classes on offer this fall – so that you can maintain a program of rigorous scholarship, and stay on path to graduation, even as we work to keep you safe during this uncertain time.  

As such, please be informed that the format for your Fall 2020 course has likely changed. We are running most classes in one of two formats this fall: 

  • Online: The class is 100% online through Canvas and runs asynchronously; students do not meet on a specific day or time. 
  • Live Stream: The class is held live but students join from home (or from anywhere else) on their computer or device. Students will participate in live class sessions on specific days and times and be able to interact with the instructor and other students on camera.

If you have concerns about the formatting for your course – you are in a class now slated to run as “Online” but would prefer “Live Stream,” or vice versa – please contact one of our advisors, who can help you transfer to another Philosophy or Humanities class that better suits your schedule and learning style.

You may also contact Adam Donahoo or Ada Maynard in our front office (open M-F, 8 AM-5 PM), who can talk to you about classes on offer in our department this fall. And, as ever, our leadership team is available to help anytime you need us: Dr. Leslie Simon, Chair; Dr. Shannon Mussett, Associate Chair; Dr. Kim Abunuwara, Humanities Director. 

If you have questions about how your specific fall course will operate, please contact your professor. Be patient, however, and bear in mind that faculty are still developing courses at present, and might not have specific details pinned down until late July.

If you are dealing with food or housing insecurity, please reach out to offices on campus that can help, and the same goes for health and wellness. Take care of yourselves, and keep up-to-date with UVU Emergency Information and Student FAQs. If you have concerns about internet or technical capability, please contact Student Affairs for help accessing course resources. Please direct further questions or concerns to Academic Continuity.

We are excited to see you—through the computer screen!—in Fall 2020, and wish you, until then, a very pleasant summer.




Philosophy engages life’s greatest questions – on ethics, on human existence, on reality and our place within it – and explores the history of ideas.


Humans create objects. Humanities is the interdisciplinary study of those objects – artworks, machines, ideas – and the ways they express the human condition.

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