COVID-19 Modified Operations

March 19, 2020

Dear Students of the UVU Department of Philosophy & Humanities,

I hope this note finds you safe, comfortable, and with friends and family. I know that this is a trying time—and I’m sensitive to the fact that you all have individual worries, concerns, and needs. Please be assured that we are working tirelessly in the department to continue to meet those needs and that we are here for you. Our goal in Philosophy and Humanities is to bring some normalcy to the day and to ensure that you’re all able to continue on the educational track as planned, with as little disruption as humanly possible.

Please do be patient with faculty, as we all work diligently to get courses online and to give you the best online experience possible within the given context (i.e., with no preparation time, and while grappling with our own life concerns). But also, please do let us if you have yet to hear from your faculty members, who should each have been in contact with you regarding how classes will be moved online. Concerns about Philosophy courses may be sent to Shannon Mussett, and concerns about Humanities courses may be sent to Kim Abunuwara. And any and all concerns can always, always be sent to me, Leslie Simon. Our Admin Assistant Adam Donahoo can also answer questions. He can be reached by phone M-F 9 AM-5 PM at 801-863-8352.

Our offices, and the advising offices, will be closed effective immediately. But we will still be working with and for you, online and via phone. Please direct questions/concerns accordingly.

Most importantly, stay safe and hang in there, everyone. If you are dealing with food or housing insecurity, please reach out to offices on campus that can help, and the same goes for health and wellness. Take care of yourselves, and keep up-to-date with UVU Emergency Information and Student FAQs.



Leslie Simon
Department Chair, UVU Philosophy & Humanities




Philosophy engages life’s greatest questions – on ethics, on human existence, on reality and our place within it – and explores the history of ideas.


Humans create objects. Humanities is the interdisciplinary study of those objects – artworks, machines, ideas – and the ways they express the human condition.

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Administrative Support: Adam Donahoo

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