The Department of Philosophy & Humanities provides an education in the intellectual and creative underpinnings of the liberal arts curriculum. Philosophy explores the enduring questions of human life. Humanities examines the objects humans have created to respond to those questions. Students in both programs learn how to think critically, communicate clearly and persuasively, and adapt to new perspectives and cultural insights.

Affiliated Programs

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Peace & Justice Studies

The Peace & Justice Studies Program seeks to understand reasons for and solutions to the complex problems of violence and injustice and to contribute to peaceful and just alternatives.

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Ethics Center

The Center for the Study of Ethics is an academic organization serving the campus of Utah Valley University in the advancement of interdisciplinary ethics education.

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Philosophy Majors score highest on the LSAT exam and are admitted to law schools at the highest rates. For more information on philosophy courses and programs helpful for LSAT and law school preparation please visit our Pre-Law page.

Associate Degrees

Associate of Science Degree

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Acquiring an Associate of Science degree in Humanities and Social Sciences opens doors of opportunity to an extensive range of career paths and majors.

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Associate of Art Degree

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Obtaining an Associate of Art degree in Humanities and Social Sciences unlocks a vast array of opportunities for prospective students, with a multitude of career paths and majors available to pursue.

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Online Degree

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Online degree programs often offer more flexibility in course selection and scheduling, allowing students to customize their education to fit their specific needs and interests.

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Having studied Philosophy at other universities prior to attending UVU, I feel particularly lucky to get to study under our amazing faculty here. They have worked incredibly hard to ensure I have the access and resources to be successful, and the program has challenged me to be my best student and best self, as well as has opened my world to a variety of topics and subjects I would have never thought to google but that have been immensely useful to know.

—Kaitlyn Russell