Welcome to the 2020-2021 Academic Year!

The Department of Philosophy and Humanities is pleased to welcome students back to UVU this year. We are offering classes both on campus and online this semester – with the majority of our classes being held remotely in order to ensure the safety of our faculty, staff, and students. Your health is our paramount concern.

Your education in philosophy and humanities is a very close second! We worked diligently over the summer to build out a semester of rich and innovative online teaching, with both Livestream and Online offerings available throughout our programs. Our goal: to give you the opportunity to maintain a program of rigorous scholarship, and stay on path to graduation, even as we make every effort to keep you safe during this uncertain time.  

Our faculty are gearing up for an active year of virtual engagement. Stay tuned for news about:

  • Our two event series, Happenings in Humanities and Philosophy Colloquium,
  • Our annual Grad School Q&A, and
  • Our two publications, Sophia and Dadazine.

For general questions about UVU operations in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, please consult this website: www.uvu.edu/returntocampus.

For questions or concerns specific to the Department of Philosophy and Humanities, you may contact Adam Donahoo or Ada Maynard in our front office (open M-F, 8 AM-5 PM), or our excellent advisor: Cielle Salazar. And, as ever, our leadership team is available to help anytime you need us: Dr. Leslie Simon, Chair; Dr. Shannon Mussett, Associate Chair; Dr. Kim Abunuwara, Humanities Director. 

If you are dealing with food or housing insecurity, please reach out to offices on campus that can help, and the same goes for health and wellness. Take care of yourselves, and keep up-to-date with UVU COVID Information and Student FAQs. If you have concerns about internet or technical capability, please contact Student Affairs for help accessing course resources. Please direct further questions or concerns to Academic Continuity.

Take care, and all best,


Dr. Leslie S. Simon
Chair, Department of Philosophy and Humanities




Philosophy engages life’s greatest questions – on ethics, on human existence, on reality and our place within it – and explores the history of ideas.


Humans create objects. Humanities is the interdisciplinary study of those objects – artworks, machines, ideas – and the ways they express the human condition.

News & Events

Upcoming Courses

  • 2021 Symposium
    2021 Humanities Symposium
  • Fall 2020 Courses
    Approaches to Humanities
  • Fall 2020 Courses
    Social & Political Philosophy
  • Fall 2020 Courses
    Individual and Society in World Literature

Upcoming Events

Opening of Alex Caldiero's Retrospective: Baggage

Friday, February 26th | 5–9 PM | Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

A Conversation about Books and Bookmaking

Monday, March 1st | 9–10 AM | Livestream

Alex Caldiero: Performance

Tuesday, March 2nd |10–11:30 AM | Livestream

Alex Caldiero and Tyler Chadwick in Conversation

Friday, March 5th | 11 AM–12 PM | Livestream


Recent News

The UVU Ethics Bowl Team Makes It to Nationals

Shannon Mussett on Entropy and the Elderly in the Neoliberal Age

Kristina Gibby on Maryse Condé

Department Information

Office Contact

Philosophy Office: CB 507
Humanities Office: CB 211H
Phone: 801-863-8352
Mailstop: 173


Advisors: Cielle Salazar
For Appointments: 801-863-5717
Phone: 801-863-6717
Office: CB 506


Department Chair: Leslie Simon
Associate Chair: Shannon Mussett
Humanities Director: Kimberly Abunuwara
Administrative Support: Adam Donahoo

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