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Embark on a transformative journey with UVU's Department of Philosophy and Humanities. Dive deep into the fundamental questions of human existence and explore the myriad forms of human creativity.

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CHSS Graduation Convocation Ceremony

Humanities and Social Sciences Convocation

Date: May 3, 2024

Time: 2:00 pm

Location: UVU Orem Campus, UCCU Center

Personalized ceremony for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, where graduates are honored and hear from speakers.

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Delve into the depths of thought with UVU's Department of Philosophy and Humanities. With degrees from 60-120 credits, minors from 18-21 credits, and certificates from 18 credits, there's a path for everyone!

Student Testimonials


The UVU Philosophy Program offers transformative education with dedicated faculty, empowering students to excel and explore diverse perspectives.

Kaitlyn Russell

Kaitlyn Russell


As a USC law student alum and UVU philosophy alum, I affirm UVU's rigorous program, vital for LSAT and law school. It enhances critical thinking, essential for legal success and beyond.

Courtney Whittier

Courtney Whittier


The UVU philosophy program honed my critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving skills, guiding my success as regional director of Strategic Accounts.

Jessica Awtrey

Jessica Awtrey


As a director of Grant Development at UVU, I find my philosophy degree deeply rewarding. It taught me how to think critically, appreciate diverse perspectives, and informs my research today.

Ethan Sproat

Ethan Sproat



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G. Lawrence Anderson UVU Undergrad Philosophy Conference: Igniting minds, inspiring ideas.

Philosophy Conference

Dive into interdisciplinary dialogues on art, culture, and theory.

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