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Welcome to the Department of Exercise Science & Outdoor Recreation! We're delighted to welcome you to our vibrant community, where we focus on the realms of health, wellness, and outdoor adventure. As a part of our department, you'll delve into the intricacies of exercise science, gaining profound insights into human movement, physiology, and overall well-being. Our outdoor recreation programs will not only provide exhilarating experiences but also cultivate a deep appreciation for active living in nature. Be assured that our curriculum is designed to not only enrich your academic journey but also to prepare you thoroughly for a rewarding career or advanced degrees in these dynamic fields. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, fitness, and the great outdoors with us!

The Exercise Science chair

Exercise Science Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Exercise Science & Outdoor Recreation is consistent with the College´s mission in its commitment to providing students with professional, ethical, and exciting educational experiences through modern, effective pedagogical approaches.

In addition to preparing students for varied employment opportunities, the programs are also designed to prepare students for graduate study in related fields. Many graduates go on to attend graduate school in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning, Physician’s Assistant programs, and Dental School and Medical School programs. Department faculty work collaboratively and strive to support our students commitment to outstanding teaching, mentorship, service, and professional development.

About the Exercise Science Department

Baccalaureate programs (BS and BA) offered in Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation (ESOR) with concentrations in Exercise Science (EXSC) and Outdoor Recreation Management (OREC) provide a broad discipline approach for optimal promotion of physical activity, recreation, fitness, health, wellness, and quality of life for all. These programs are complimented with opportunities for baccalaureate-level study in Integrated Studies with an area of emphasis in Exercise Science. The curricula are balanced in theory and application and are specifically designed to provide students with experiential education that promotes leadership, teamwork, community service, values, diversity, and lifelong learning. To best serve our students, curricula have been designed to reflect current market demands.

If you are interested in any of these areas, please contact the Exercise Science Advisor, or Department Chair.

Exercise Science Advisors

Research Areas & Faculty

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Biomechanics investigates the mechanics of human movement, analyzing forces and motions to understand how the body functions during various activities.
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Environmental & Cardiovascular Physiology

Environmental & Cardiovascular Physiology explores how the body responds to environmental factors and the cardiovascular system's adaptations to exercise and stress.
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Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology examines the acute and chronic effects of physical activity on the body's physiological systems, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular responses.
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Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition focuses on the role of nutrition in optimizing athletic performance, emphasizing the impact of dietary choices on energy, recovery, and overall health.
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Neuromuscular Fatigue

Neuromuscular fatigue is a phenomenon that occurs when the neuromuscular system is unable to maintain the required force or power output during exercise.
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Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation involves the study of recreational activities in natural environments, promoting physical and mental well-being through outdoor experiences.
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Sport Psychology & Behavioral Change

Sports Psychology & Behavioral Changes explores the psychological aspects of sports and exercise, emphasizing how mental processes and behaviors influence performance, motivation, and health outcomes.

Faculty & Staff

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