Alison Jensen

Alison Jensen

“You have to step into the unknown and into things you are afraid of to open up the world.”

This principle has guided Alison Jensen, Director of Enrollment Services of Concurrent Enrollment, through all her experiences. Born in Southern California, spending parts of her childhood in Arizona, and settling in Washington State to complete her childhood education, Alison had many growth opportunities that would prepare her for all the places she would live and the career opportunities she would have.

After graduating from high school, Alison continued her academic career at Ricks College to become an assistant physician. She received her associate degree from Ricks College and then transferred to Brigham Young University (BYU). While at BYU, she changed her major to communications and met her husband, whom she just celebrated 34 years with.

Together with her husband, Alison, made the switch from BYU to Idaho State University (ISU), where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in mass communications with an emphasis in public relations. After graduation, they relocated their family to Washington State. Where she not only dedicated herself to raising her children, but also embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. Alison successfully founded two businesses during this time in her life: one as a consultant for an educational gaming company, honing her skills in public relations, writing, and design; and the other, a thriving wedding and lifestyle photography business.

After successfully running these companies for several years, Alison decided she wanted something even more challenging and went to work for Microsoft as a university recruiter. In this capacity, she would visit universities and recruit the top students to work for Microsoft.

Four years later, Alison decided to leave her position at Microsoft and began working as an operation director for Tether, one of the top design companies in the West. After her time at Tether, Alison and her husband moved to Singapore for his job, where she volunteered at a leadership academy. Alison would go to different Asian countries and teach high school students leadership skills, which they would then take back to their schools. Alison is now a global leader in this leadership academy.

Driven by her adventurous spirit, she returned to the United States to embark on a new chapter. Her journey led her to Utah Valley University (UVU), where she assumed the role of Academic Advisor for the College of Engineering and Technology. While in this position, Alison pursued and received her master's degree in academic advising from Kansas State University. Weeks later, Alison interviewed for and accepted the Assistant Director position in the First-Year Advising Center, a job requiring a master's degree. As Assistant Director, Alison’s strategic leadership was invaluable during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alison’s next, and current, adventure was accepting the Director of Enrollment Services position in Concurrent Enrollment. One of her favorite parts of her job here at Concurrent Enrollment is seeing students realize that college is something they are capable of.

She said she loves to see that Concurrent Enrollment “gives students the opportunity and the access to college courses. It gives them the confidence that this is for them.”

“A value that really guides who I am is adventure. I hope Concurrent Enrollment always continues to be an adventure and that we are fearless in how we move forward and bring excellence.” We are grateful this Wolverine is bringing excellence to the team here at UVU Concurrent Enrollment!