UVU Departments play a vital role in the success of this important academic partnership.  You provide high school students access to earn college credit, have a positive college experience, and make an efficient transition to college.

Approve Applications | Concurrent Enrollment Office submits new teacher applications to your department. Please review and make a decision based upon your departmental criteria. Approved CE instructors are required to receive discipline-specific training prior to final approval. This provides UVU faculty the opportunity to meet with the instructor, to review the course syllabus, and to clarify departmental expectations.

Attend Annual Department Meeting | Concurrent enrollment hosts a luncheon to collaborate and discuss program updates. Your attendance, as a department representative, is key to making this partnership a success.

Update Course Syllabus | Review and update your department course syllabus and include specific learning outcomes. Current approved syllabi are located on the Concurrent Enrollment website. If you have an updated syllabus, please send them to Dawn Gross (dawng@uvu.edu). 

Lead Breakout Session at Conference | One of the distinguishing features of our program is the ongoing professional relationship between university faculty and high school instructors. This conference supports instructors in improving and expanding connections to their discipline. Your department will host a session to offer collaboration, innovative concepts, pertinent strategies, resources and assistance.

Make High School Visit | An annual visit to concurrent enrollment classrooms provides an avenue for departments to share objectives and promote UVU programs to college-bound students. Visits may be assigned to faculty in your department.

Department Liaison | Assign a representative who will have the authority and departmental support to serve as liaison for your department with Concurrent Enrollment and partnering school personnel.