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Take advantage of college credit while in the comfort of your high school The process is simple:

  • Apply and be admitted as a Concurrent Enrollment UVU student!
  • Register for the UVU classes you are taking at your high school!
  • Pay the $5 per credit hour tuition!

Each Concurrent Enrollment class you take will be put on an official UVU transcript, which can transfer to any institution following high school graduation. If you are interested in earning a certificate or degree, schedule an appointment with your UVU Academic Advisor

Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions


UVU Campus Map

We love having our CE students on campus. Learn your way around by checking out our campus map or by scheduling a UVU Campus Tour

Pathway U

Pathway U is the tool used by UVU to help students determine majors and careers they are interested in pursuing by assessing their interests, values, and personality.

FERPA Permission Form 

FERPA is a federal law that protects all student information and prevents others from accessing it without written consent from the student--even to their parent or guardian. If parents would like to be able to communicate with UVU regarding their student's account, it is required to fill out the Student Information Release Authorization form. 

Current Student


State Participation Form

This form was previously called the Parent Permission Form.  It is also referred to as the UVU CE Admissions Application. Returning CE students must fill out this form every year.


Exceptions to academic policy are for unforeseeable or extenuating circumstance. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. A student must already be admitted to UVU with a High School Concurrent Enrollment admission status during the semester-in-question to be eligible to use this petition process.

Prerequisite List



A hold on your account can limit your ability to register for a class. Find out about Holds

Dropping or Withdrawing

The process to withdraw or drop a Concurrent Enrollment class after the UVU deadline has passed.  Learn more about withdrawing and if you qualify for a petition here.


Grades are recorded on a student's transcript after the instructor submits grades. Request your UVU transcript here.

Repeating a Course

Students cannot repeat a Concurrent Enrollment or Live Interactive course through the Concurrent Enrollment program if they have received a letter grade or have officially withdrawn from the course.

LI Livestream/Recordings

For Live Interactive classes, the instructors decide whether or not to allow students to livestream the class through Webex. They also decide whether or not to post the Webex Recordings through CANVAS. Students should assume the class will not allow streaming and recordings will not be published.


Bridge Language Program

The Bridge Language Program provides advanced language courses for students who have passed the AP or NEWL exam.

Pathway to Proficiency Certificate

A typical Pathway to Proficiency Certificate will be around 5-6 courses with 2-3 general education classes (the required English and Math course at minimum) and 2-3 Core required classes, which is the equivalent of the the first semester of a degree.

General Education Certificate

General Education (or GE) courses are the courses every college student is required to take, regardless of their major. This certificate requires completion of 35 GE credits.

Associate Degree 

An associate degree is a foundational two-year degree that can count toward a four-year degree. Through this option, some students are able to skip ahead at least one year in school. How far along this degree witll take you is dependent on your major and will vary from student to student.

Seniors (12th Grade)

Next Steps

Associate Degree Graduation Checklist


Auto-Enrollment to Standard UVU Student

Students who have previously been admitted to UVU as a Concurrent Enrollment student, AND are currently in high school or have graduated within the last year, have automatically been readmitted as a Freshman and do not need to submit an application. 

UVU Reach Scholarship & additional UVU Scholarships

The UVU Reach Scholarship is available to current graduating high school seniors who are willing to work hard and complete specific milestones on their path to completion. Qualifying students are given financial incentives to reach specific milestones.

Utah Opportunity Scholarship

The Opportunity Scholarship is a simplified, statewide, achievement-based program that encourages students to complete advanced courses in core subject areas while in high school, aims to make higher education more accessible, and rewards students for preparing academically for college.

UVU Academic Merit Scholarships & additional      UVU Scholarships

The Utah Resident Freshman Academic Merit Scholarships will be selected from current high school seniors who demonstrate that they meet the academic criteria.

Request an Official UVU Transcript


Get Started at UVU After High School


We are here to guide your UVU journey. You must complete online orientation before you can register for classes.

Jumpstart / In Person Experience

Jumpstart will introduce first-time college students to the tools and resources needed to successfully navigate UVU's campus environment. Before you can register for classes you must schedule a Jumpstart Orientation.

Find Your Advisor

UVU requires that you have an advising experience before you can register for classes. You can find your advisor on the First-Year Advising Center's website and schedule an appointment.

Financial Aid


Important UVU Dates and Deadlines


Taking a Break? Fill out a Leave of Absence

There are many reasons for needing to leave; just make sure you leave the right way. Common reasons students choose to take a leave include: serving a religious or humanitarian mission, military service, family responsibilities, financial, employment, or medical reasons. If you have already enrolled in at least one class at UVU and need time off for one or more semesters, then you must fill out a leave of absence (LOA).

Success Team

You don't have to do this alone! Your success team is behind you every step of the way. Learn more about each role so you know who to turn to for help!  


Your instructor is a high school teacher who has been approved by UVU to teach the college course on your high school campus! Teachers can help with:

  • Grades
  • CRN
  • Class Content
  • Canvas

Your Live Interactive instructor is a Professor at UVU.   Professors can help with:

  • Grades
  • Textbook Information
  • Class Content
  • Canvas through UVU



The Coordinator at your high school is a great resource to help you with the logistics of taking classes. Coordinators help with:

  • Admissions
  • Parent Permission Form
  • Registration
  • Late Add Process

The Facilitator at your high school runs the Live Interactive classes. Facilitators help with:

  • Admissions
  • Parent Permission Form
  • Registration
  • Attendance
  • Managing the  Classroom 
  • Grade Issues

High School Counselor

Before registering the class within myUVU, you will first want to meet with your counselor to get the class in your high school schedule. Counselors help with:

  • Class Schedules
  • Meeting GPA
  • Requirement to take CE Classes

CE Department

The Concurrent Enrollment department oversees the program of over 15,000 students. If you need additional help after talking with your instructor, counselor and coordinators we are here to help with:

  • Admissions
  • Dropping/Withdrawing from a class
  • Petitions

CE Advisors

Learning what certificate or degree options are available and picking out which classes to do can be overwhelming. Advisors help with:

  • Course planning for certificate and degrees
  • Academic Warning/Academic Probation Holds
  • Helping students achieve future goals