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DECEMBER 4, 2023 - JANUARY 22, 2024

FALL semester grading information

General Registration Info

Face-to-Face Course Listing


Live Interactive Course Listing


CTE/Academic Course Classification List


Sending High School Transcripts

Send high school transcripts to another institution by contacting the high school's registrar in the administration office.

Prerequisite List


Placement Tests


Submitting Advance placement (AP) scores

Students who received AP test scores must request an official AP Grade Report from CollegeBoard to be sent to the Graduation Office to have their results posted on their UVU student record/transcript. 

Credit is granted according to the policy in effect at the time UVU receives proof of the AP Exam and score. Policies are subject to change.

Students who know they will be taking a class requiring English 1010 credit need to make sure to submit their AP scores at least 2 months before registering for classes.

Enrollment Report

Enrollment reports are sent weekly after online registration begins and then move to daily classes throughout the registration period.  Check the report for
1.   Discrepancies between the report and the high school roster.
2.  Students listed on the report which do not attend the high school.
3.  Confirmation that all students attending class have registered with UVU.
4.  Confirmation that students who have dropped or withdrawn no longer appear on the report.

Registration Error Messages

Errors are issues between the student and the UVU systems, and each error needs to be dealt with individually.  Students will not be able to proceed with registration until the errors are handled.

Concurrent Enrollment Costs

Tuition is $5 per credit hour. Students pay tuition fees within their

High School Responsibilities

Advertising CE Program

At the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, there are general marketing campaign posters and handouts given to the coordinator to distribute to teachers, counselors, and students. There will be other marketing materials given throughout the year for different CE events.

Fall Kick Off Meeting

In August before the start of the new year, the Concurrent Enrollment department gathers all coordinators and facilitators for a kick-off meeting.

At this meeting you will recieve: 

  • Important updates about registration
  • Professional Development
  • Advising
  • Department Changes

It is mandatory for all coordinators and facilitators to attend. Coordinators then hold a kick-off meeting with all their instructors at their school to distribute marketing materials and relay important information.

Interpreting Grades

● E or UW is the UVU version of a failing grade.  A UW, “Unofficial Withdraw,” is also considered a failing grade.  Both grades should be recorded as an F on the high school transcript.

● W is an official "Withdrawal" and does not affect the student's GPA. This grade does NOT need to be on the high school transcript.

● I is an "Incomplete" and indicates that the instructor has agreed with the student to finish the course after the semester, usually due to an extended illness or other tragedy. This is not an option for concurrent enrollment students. Instructors can make arrangements with students but must award a letter grade (A-E) and then do a grade change when the student completes the agreed-upon work.

● M is a “Missing Grade” and must be corrected by the instructor. 

School Awards

Your high school can receive recognition for its contributions to helping students succeed in concurrent enrollment. Learn more about the award categories. 


Program Participation Requirements

The CE program requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for Academic Subjects and 2.0 for CT courses.  If a student does not meet the GPA requirement or they are home-schooled and do not have an accredited transcript, they can participate if they have a composite ACT score of 22.  These requirements are strictly enforced.

Repeat a Class: 

Students cannot repeat a Concurrent Enrollment or Live Interactive course through the Concurrent Enrollment program if they have received a letter grade or have officially withdrawn from the course.

Advising Students

Each high school has a designated Concurrent Enrollment Academic Advisor at UVU. All students are welcome to meet with their UVU CE Advisor at any time.

Credit Hour Limit

Students can earn up to 30 semester college credit hours per year through Con­current Enrollment. Students who wish to take more than 20 hours in a semester must receive permission from UVU through their CE Academic Advisor. Coordinators and facilitators should be aware of students taking large amounts of credit hours at their school. It is your responsibility to connect your students with their CE Academic Advisor. If student schedules exceed the allowed credit limit, please have them contact their high school counselor and CE academic advisor for direction before the semester/school year begins.

Students will pay full-price tuition for credits exceeding the 30 credit hour limit.


Exceptions to the academic policy are for unforeseeable or extenuating circumstance. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. A student must already be admitted to UVU with a high school concurrent enrollment admission status during the semester in question to be eligible to use this petition process.

Home Schooled Students

According to the State Concurrent Enrollment Handbook, p15 (2016),  “Home-schooled students are eligible for concurrent courses with principal permission from the high school they would attend.  They are subject to the same rules and requirements that apply to a full-time student’s participation in public education, such that they are counted in the Average Daily Membership.

A Home-schooled student is officially excused from compulsory public school attendance.  However, to comply with the rules governing the state concurrent enrollment program, a home-schooled student must affiliate with a high school to be counted in the Average Daily Membership and to ensure that the concurrent grade appears on both a high school and college transcript.  These are both requirements for state funding.”

Undocumented Students

According to the State Concurrent Enrollment Handbook, p15 (2016), 

“Undocumented students who have been admitted to a public high school may participate in the concurrent enrollment program, and shall pay the fees and partial tuition applicable to all students in the program.”

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

FERPA is a federal law that protects all student information and prevents others from accessing it without written consent from the student--even to their parent or guardian. If parents would like to be able to communicate with UVU regarding their student's account, it is required to fill out the Student Information Release Authorization.

Coordinator Only


Late Add Exceptions

The late-add exceptions period immediately follows the closing of the open registration period each fall and spring semester. During this time, each course a student registers for incurs a $15 fee. All required prerequisites for a course must be met and on file for a student to be able to register.


UVU strictly enforces deadlines. It is recommended for coordinators to be familiar with the deadlines to best direct students. Refer to our deadline page for all deadlines.


CE Master Schedule

If you are interested in offering a new class in the high school, first check the USHE Concurrent Enrollment Master List if it's an approved, aligned course and for the course code.

New Instructor/New Course

Coordinators have the ability to encourage their high school teachers to offer a CE course. Refer to the instructor page for the Academic, CTE or Math applications.

Facilitator Only


Request Live Interactive, Livestream, or Online Classes

The Live Interactive master schedule is a list of the live interactive, livestream, and online courses offered at your high school throughout the year. It is your responsibility to make sure you have requested the course you would like to offer at your school before the start of registration.

● The Media Services Coordinator (MSC) (Elizabeth Warner [email protected]) does all Live Interactive scheduling. The MSC will send a tentative schedule of all classes offered through UVU Live Interactive to all sites for the upcoming year and inform you of the deadlines for requesting classes.

● Take the schedule and meet with your counseling office to decide which classes to offer at your school. Try to offer different classes each semester or classes not offered through Face-to-Face Concurrent Enrollment at your school

● Once you have decided on courses, submit your course request form to the MSC (Elizabeth Warner [email protected] when requested, usually about a month before registration opens.

● The MSC will email you the CRN lists as soon as the forms are processed.

● The lists will be updated on the UVU website.

● Before UVU registration begins, review the CE website to ensure:

     ○ Course offerings are in the correct                   semester 
     ○ All CRNs (Course Registration                             Numbers) are posted to the website


UVU strictly enforces deadlines. It is recommended for facilitators to be familiar with the deadlines to best direct students. Refer to our deadline page for all deadlines.


Additional Materials Charge

Courses with textbooks integrated into Canvas are charged a Materials Charge which will appear on the student account.  The document shows which classes have a materials charge and the additional cost.

End of Semester

LI Grades

Grades for courses taught by UVU instructors will be sent to the high school registrars directly from the UVU Registrars about 10 days after grades are posted.

How to Correct an Incorrect Grade

If students believe their posted grade is incorrect, have them contact their instructor.  For Instructors that are not responsive, contact Wendi Karbakhsh for additional help.

Classroom Management

LI Policies

Classroom Discipline

Facilitators are responsible for controlling students in the classroom so all students can hear the instructor and learn the material.

1. Only allow registered students in the Live Interactive Office classroom during class.  
2. Do not allow students to talk or distract other students while the instructor is talking.
3. Do not allow students to do other activities during class, such as homework from another class, texting, playing games on the computer, etc. College class attendance is not a multitasking activity.
4. Enforce all rules the instructor requires – no electronic devices, books, notebooks on desks, etc.
5. Facilitators can ask instructors general questions before or after class over the UEN system. Do not interrupt the instructor during class.
6. If a student needs to talk to a professor privately, help the student connect by calling the TOC after class and asking to speak to the instructor over the phone.
7. Facilitators are not to participate in the professor's classroom discussion.
8. Facilitators are not to talk with students after class has begun as this takes the students' focus from the instructor while the instructor is speaking.

High School/UVU Schedule Conflicts

High School and UVU schedules are not the same. Students participating in UVU Live Interactive Office classes must arrange their schedules to follow the UVU schedules. This may mean missing student assemblies or other activities. All students are expected to be in class as if they were attending a class at the university.

Students are expected to make arrangements to be in class even if the high school is closed for a district holiday. Most high schools allow students and facilitators access to their Live Interactive Office classroom on these occasions.  

Students in high schools that do not allow access to the classroom will need to attend the closest high school or come on campus to attend class. Facilitators should help students find a location they can attend in these situations.

Students going on school-approved trips may ask for instructor permission to make up assignments ahead of the activity. Students who are ill need to contact their instructor right away if they will be missing an exam or quiz. It is the instructor's decision whether or not the student can make up the missed time and assignments.

Facilitator Substitute

Facilitators should always be present during class to ensure discipline and correct any technical problems.

Occasionally, a Facilitator must miss class due to illness or other personal matters. In this case, a substitute needs to be provided by the school to cover the class.  

If the absence is planned, please send the following information to Wendi Karbakhsh before you leave:

1. Contact information for your substitute, including the email to send class materials while you are gone.
2. Ensure your substitute has read, signed, and faxed or mailed the Assessment Procedures document. 

All Facilitators must create a backup plan for covering classes in case they cannot be at the school due to an emergency or illness. Live Interactive Office may ask you to submit this plan in writing if you are found to be absent from class frequently.

Facilitator Conflict of Interest

Facilitators should be very careful about facilitating classes with students from their immediate family. Sometimes this cannot be avoided. In this case, Facilitators should inform UVU Live Interactive Office of the possible conflict of interest to avoid any suspicion of the student or Facilitator.

Even so, for any in-class proctored exam, the Facilitator will need to have someone else proctor the exam if their child is taking the class.

Transfer of Assignments/Exams


Classroom Gradebook

Many Facilitators keep their own grade book for each class to track which students turned in assignments.  They then use this information to make sure their students receive a grade in CANVAS for the assignments turned in.  This is an excellent way to make sure your students’ grades are being posted before it gets too close to the end of the semester.

Taking Exams Early/Late

All students must take exams at the time specified by the instructor. If students cannot take the exam at that time, they need to contact the instructor before the exam date and get permission to take the exam at a different time. If permission is given, the student needs to arrange a time with the Facilitator to take the exam when the Facilitator is available.

You must see the email from the professor to verify that permission was given.


Canvas Access

CANVAS is the LMS system that all UVU Live Interactive Courses will use.

All Facilitators are given ""view only"" access to the Canvas classes. LI instructors use Canvas to house course content, quizzes, and grade book information.  

Facilitators need to view the grade books often to make sure the students in their classes are turning in assignments and completing quizzes.

Facilitators are not allowed to change or enter grades. Facilitators found attempting this will lose their Canvas access and be reported to their administration for disciplinary action.

Video Streaming Live Interactive classes using WEBEX

The instructors decide whether or not to allow students to livestream the class through Webex. They also decide whether or not to post the Webex Recordings through CANVAS. Students should assume the class will not allow streaming and recordings will not be published.

Livestream streaming and Recordings through TEAMS

Livestream classes are streamed through Microsoft Teams. Recordings will also be available through TEAMS.  Instructions for accessing the first day of class and accessing recordings can be found here.


Many instructors require attendance, making it part of the grade.   The CE Office requires that all facilitators keep an attendance record for each Live Interactive class, even if the instructor does not require it. Instructors sometimes ask about student attendance if the student is challenging a grade. Facilitators do not need to keep attendance for Livestream classes unless the students are required to be in the UVU classroom.

MyAttendanceTracker is the tool to use to keep attendance.

Each Facilitator will have a login and password and access to the classes they will cover each semester. The courses for your site will be uploaded into MyAttendanceTracker.  As soon as you are given access, begin entering students into the classes using the UVU Enrollment report and the High School rosters.

Influence on Schools & Communities

  • Affordable access to higher education for motivated students
  • Funding for additional course offerings of sections
  • Presence of college-going culture
  • Strengthened transition between high school and college
  • Funding to enhance curriculum and learning opportunities
  • Collegiate atmosphere in the high schools
  • Revitalization of CTE programs to launch students on successful college and career pathways
  • Increase of qualified educators receiving ongoing support, professional development, and collegial interaction