Concurrent Enrollment Explores the Health Field

Concurrent Enrollment Explores the Health Field

"Being able to attend events such as these is just one of the great benefits that are offered for students that choose to do Concurrent Enrollment."

Concurrent Enrollment has partnered with the College of Health and Public Services (CHPS) for the Health Professions Field Trip.

This event brought hundreds of high school and middle school students to Utah Valley University (UVU) Orem West campus to learn more about the health and public services field, as well as Concurrent Enrollment. Together, Briawna Simkins, Concurrent Enrollment’s Event Coordinator, and Jamie Winn, from CHPS, planned and hosted this event on two separate occasions to help high school students to be able to experience some of the classes and services offered at UVU.

The first Health Professions Field Trip took place on October 27th, 2023. 450 Concurrent Enrollment and prospective UVU high school students from the Alpine and Provo school districts gathered for this event consisting of break-out presentations and classes where students could get a small preview of each program offered through CHPS.

As UVU is known for its nursing program, this was one of the focuses of the event, as well as 12 other classes concentrating on differing topics and careers. These career focuses included respiratory therapy, physician assistants, public health, dental, nutrition, health, wellness coaching, healthcare administration, and paramedics. Concurrent Enrollment was also there to talk about what is available to students while they are still in high school. As students went to each break-out presentation, they were also given small UVU bags to take with them to collect prizes from each station.

With this event being such a big success, and as much as students, chaperones, and instructors enjoyed it, the CE and CHPS team wanted to provide this event again to more students in the spring of 2024. These expectations were fulfilled on March 1st, 2024, when this event with CHPS was put on again, but this time for 175 middle school students.

Once again students were given the opportunity to learn about careers available in the CHPS field. Because these students are middle school students, this event helped them to also learn about the opportunities available to them through Concurrent Enrollment once they reach high school.

Being able to attend events such as these is just one of the great benefits that are offered for students that choose to do Concurrent Enrollment. We encourage all students who have the desire to choose to do UVU Concurrent Enrollment classes and take a step forward ahead in their future. Not only will they be able to take college classes at a much lower cost, but they will also be able to attend events like this and create lasting positive relationships with other students, professors, and UVU.