Todd Olsen

Todd Olsen

“There’s a connection that people make with UVU. No other campus where I’ve have worked has demonstrated the same consistent sense of connection that people feel here.”

Todd Olsen, Director of Academic Success and Partnerships for Utah Valley University’s Concurrent Enrollment, is driven by impacting lives, opening doors, and creating connections.

Born and raised in Price, UT, he completed his first two years of college at the College of Eastern Utah (CEU) before transferring to the University of Utah (UofU), where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in theater history.

While receiving his education, Todd had the opportunity to star in and direct mainstageplays and musicals. He is passionate about culture, music, theater, movies, films, and anything Disney, knowing just a little about everything. “I’m a good person to have on a trivia team,” he says.

After graduation, Todd started his professional journey as the Director of High School Relations at CEU, overseeing scholarships and later assisting with financial aid packaging.His position at CEU continued to develop and grow, and his title changed to the Director of Admissions, where he initiated a student ambassador program until he took charge of the student government.He worked with admissions and the student government until he made a career leap.

That leap made Todd a Wolverine when he left CEU and came to Utah Valley University (UVU) as the Coordinator of Academic Senate & Independent. In this position, he worked withan independent branch to support the student body president’s initiatives.After getting that branch up and running, Todd worked exclusively with the Academic Senate and oversaw the ten appointed students.

After eight years working with the Student Government, Todd transitioned to the Associate Director for Prospective Student Services before he ended up in Concurrent Enrollment as the Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. He played a crucial role in forming an engagement team to focus on marketing.

Eventually, Todd assumed the role of Director of Academic Success and Partnerships, collaborating with school principals, liaisons, and department chairs to optimize Concurrent Enrollment delivery in high schools.His team also provides training to high school instructors at a Professional Development Conference, including many other onboarding, training, communication, and outreach efforts to High School Instructors, and UVU Department Liaisons and Chairs.

While working at UVU, Todd became a Wolverine in another way when he decided to receive his master’s degree in higher education leadership from UVU. He graduated with that degree in 2020. A big part of his choice to pursue his master’s degree from UVU came from, not only working here, but also the acceptance and belonging he felt already as an employee.

For Todd, Concurrent Enrollmentrepresents the culmination of his career, allowing him to leverage his experience in both high school and college admissions. When asked why students should devote time to doing Concurrent Enrollment, Todd said,

“Concurrent Enrollment opens doors. It opens the doors for students to see that it is good for them to learn and to change. It’snot a waste of time; you’re investing in your future.”

Todd finds fulfillment in knowing that his work impacts lives and contributes to student growth and he credits UVU for creating a positive environment for that growth. There’s a connection that people make with UVU. No other campus where I’ve have worked has demonstrated the same consistent sense of connection that people feel here.” We are grateful Todd bleeds green and is connected to Utah Valley University’s Concurrent Enrollment!