CE Instructor Onboarding

Department Decision

  • If approved by the UVU department, you will receive your approval letter via email. This letter will include your UVID number, which the instructor will use to login to the My.UVU portal (my.uvu.edu). The letter will also inform you of the mandatory trainings to be completed before your Course Registration Number (CRN) is released to you and your students.
  • The instructor/course approval is active for three years. The instructor must reapply for the course if the course is not offered within those three years.

UVU Training

FERPA regulations clearly state that any person who is to be granted access to university systems and student data must complete the appropriate trainings before access is granted.

To complete this requirement, you will receive three (3) emails:

  • UVULearn - Complete an 18-minute online FERPA training. You will receive two (2) emails to complete this training.
  • Adobe - Sign the Data Protection Agreement. You will receive one (1) email to complete this agreement.
  • Please note that the emails will come to the email address you submitted to our office on your application. I should be your school email. If our office did not receive your school email address, please contact our office so we can update our system

Trainings must be completed within two weeks of receiving the emails from UVULearn and Adobe.

CE New Instructor Training

The CE Team rolls out the green carpet for our new instructors at this new instructor training. We understand that it can be a bit of a learning curve when first teaching a Concurrent Enrollment course. This in-person training at the UVU Lehi Campus gives you:

  • Time and space to ask questions
  • Ensure your class is set up properly
  • Learn how to teach your students how to register for your course
  • Review CE policy and procedures
  • How to maximize all the benefits a CE instructor receives
  • Get UVU swag to decorate your classroom
  • Walkthrough of the Concurrent Enrollment website
  • Enjoy refreshments

Each instructor will be compensated for attending the 1-hour training.

UVU Department Training

  • Each UVU department has a liaison who is responsible for high school instructors teaching courses from that department. Your department liaison is the go-to for all things curriculum. They are also your direct support system as a CE instructor. The department training is a time for the instructor to familiarize themself with the course syllabus, textbook scope and sequence, expectations for student learning in a college-level course, and assessment.
  • A new instructor is required to reach out to the department to schedule their department training. All instructors must be trained by their department liaison before teaching the course. This training can be done in person or online.

Receiving your CRN

After the CE Office has recorded that all your trainings (UVU Trainings, CE New Instructor, UVU Department) have been completed, the CRN for your course(s) will be posted online at:

Course Listings

  • This 5-digit number is what your students will use to register for your class. Check your class roll at My.UVU to see which students are registered through UVU for your class.