Professional development provides a platform for meaningful, continued learning and collegiate interaction for administrators, coordinators, and instructors. We actively share the latest knowledge, best practices, and advocacy for our program. Professional development enhances successful outcomes.

August Registration Kick-Off | A Registration Kick-off is organized and lead by the high school site coordinator. Administrators, CE high school instructors, counselors, coordinator and registrar should be in attendance. This required meeting provides important policy updates and delivers marketing materials to encourage student participation.

*Annual Professional Development Conference | One of the distinguishing features of our program is the ongoing professional relationship between university faculty and high school instructors. Our annual concurrent enrollment conference supports instructors in improving and expanding connections to their discipline. Each department hosts a session to offer collaboration, innovative concepts, pertinent strategies, resources and assistance.

*This year's Professional Development Conference will be on November 2, 2022 at UVU Orem Campus. 

Yearly Department Visits | An annual visit to concurrent enrollment classrooms provides an avenue for departments to share objectives, promote UVU programs to college-bound students, and allocate time for class observation.

Award Lunches | 

Campus Events | Contact your department about potential university events that would encourage student engagement.