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Department Commitments

Select Department Liaison

Choose a representative with the authority and support to serve as a liaison for your course with Concurrent Enrollment and partnering school personnel.

Review Applications

The Concurrent Enrollment Office will submit new teacher applications to your liaison and department chair. Please review the application and supporting documents to make a decision based on your departmental criteria. It is encouraged to respond in a timely manner.

Train New Instructors

Newly approved CE instructors are asked to contact liaisons for discipline-specific training before receiving their Course Registration Number (CRN). This allows UVU faculty to meet with the instructor, review the course syllabus, and clarify department expectations.

Attend Annual Liaison and Department Chair Update

Concurrent Enrollment hosts an annual event to collaborate and discuss program updates. Your attendance as a department representative is key to making this partnership a success.

Lead Breakout Session at Annual Conference

One of the distinguishing features of our program is the ongoing professional relationship between university faculty and high school instructors. Our annual Professional Development Conference, hosted in the fall, supports instructors furthering their expertise in their discipline. Each course liaison hosts a session to offer their instructors collaboration, resources, and assistance.

Update Course Syllabus

Each year, the CE office will send department liaisons the syllabus on file for their course. If a more current version is in use, please send it in so it can be updated on the CE website to ensure content congruence with our high school instructors.

Visit Instructors

Course liaisons are responsible for annual visits to each CE instructor associated with their course.


University Benefits

Utah Valley University has developed a strategic inclusion plan that provides an inviting, safe, and supportive environment as well as services for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. The university provides accessible and equitable education opportunities. Concurrent Enrollment embodies this inclusion plan.

  • Opportunity to recruit motivated students
  • Smaller class sizes in entry-level courses
  • Community partnership with local schools
  • Shared educational expertise
  • Early accelerated interventions to reduce college remediation
  • Students more likely to be involved in campus organizations and activities
  • Better prepared students
  • Strategies to increase college completion rates