Campus Hours

Effective April 2, all CET buildings are temporarily closed. UVU students and employees with proximity cards will have access to our buildings, if they need to be on campus. Please speak with your teachers and supervisors for further instruction.

The following buildings will be open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.–5pm:

  • Fulton Library (access is limited to the first two floors)
  • Browning Administration Building
  • Facilities Building
  • UVU Warehouse

The Student Center’s U.S. Postal Office, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, and Mom Fulton’s will remain open to those who must be on campus. 

What to Expect

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While studying Culinary Arts at UVU, students gain a solid understanding of the food and beverage industry and learn the newest techniques in food and baking production using state-of-the-art equipment in our kitchen labs. These industry based learning models allow students to work with a wide range of foods while directly interacting with the public.

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Restaurant Forte is UVU’s premier restaurant, located in the UCCU, which allows CAI students to exhibit their fine dining skills. The Café, located at the Culinary Arts Institute, is a great place for students, faculty, and the public to eat, and is also the home base for CAI student education.

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News & Events

Discover CAI culinary events and stay up to date
on recent news and announcements.

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Student Resources

Scholarships, internships, culinary competitions, and other
great resources for Culinary Arts students.

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