Our Mission

The Mission of the Digital Media Department is to prepare students to combine art, science, and technology to create innovative and imaginative productions and solutions in the areas of Animation & Game Development, Digital Audio Production, Digital Cinema Production, Interaction Design, and Web & App Development, and to enter the local industry fully qualified to work and succeed as professionals in their respective fields.

In order to produce students ready to enter the digital media industry with the most sought-after skills, we provide real-world opportunities for students to engage in industry best practices and challenge students to master new and emerging technologies.

We value high creative and ethical standards, as well as our role in the community, and expect faculty and students alike to be sensitive to the sensibilities and standards of the community they serve.

Need an introduction to Digital Media?

Group of Students Touring UVU Computer Science Building

Digital Media Essentials at UVU Campus

Digital Media Essentials

Digital Media Essentials I (DGM 1110) is designed to introduce students to the basics of digital media and the evolving industry. This will familiarize you with basic techniques and with the hardware and software tools used to create the various media for powerful digital media productions. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Audition are employed to give you hands-on experience. This is also offered as a Concurrent Enrollment Course, offering both high school credit through many high schools and college credit through Utah Valley University.

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portrait of Melanie Myler

“As a beginner in Digital Media, I LOVED this class! It opened so many doors in my brain to explore! The whole semester we got to watch ourselves go up several steps on the ladder of experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in digital media. An unbeatable foundation.

— Melanie Myler

High School Students at Computers Working on Digital Animation

Concurrent Enrollment in High School

Concurrent Enrollment DGM Courses

This is a Concurrent Enrollment Course, offering both high school credit through many Utah high schools and college credit through Utah Valley University. Credit from this course is transferable to all colleges and universities. Contact the receiving institution for how the credits will be applied. This class is available to all high school juniors and seniors in good academic standing. High school prerequisites apply. There are no college prerequisites for DGM 1110.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact an advisor?

The academic advisor office is located in CS 635. You can call 801-863-8648 and the admin can schedule a time for you to meet or talk with an advisor over the phone or schedule a meeting via our Advising page. Due to the high volume of students getting in to meet with the advisor, it is best that you call the admin to schedule a time and not the advisor. If you are a new student please visit the UVU First Year Advising page and find out more information on our First Year Advisors.

Who do I talk to if I want to go on a tour of the department?

Please call the office at 801-863-8485 and one of the administrative assistants will check with a professor about a day & time that they are available to give a tour.

How do I know when I can meet with faculty?

Faculty schedules are posted next to the faculty member's offices and you can also call the office at 801-863-8485 and one of the administrative assistants can inform you of the faculty's office hours.

How do I find out about special department events or announcements?

You can call the office at 801-863-8485 and one of the administrative assistants will answer any questions you might have. Although we try to keep track of all events taking place, we may not know or have information about all events that will or may take place. Feel free to check out our department Facebook page for more information.

What kinds of jobs/internships are available?

Find internship opportunities on our Digital Media Internships page and jobs are posted on the UVU Career Development Center webpage.

Who can schedule me to meet with an academic advisor?

You can call 801-863-8648 and the admin can schedule you to meet with an academic advisor or schedule online via the Advising page. New students can schedule an appointment with their First Year Advisor on the UVU First Year Advising page.

How do I contact an adjunct instructor?

Unless the adjunct tells us we can give out a personal contact number, we will only give out an e-mail address for you to contact an adjunct. You can call 801-863-8485 or stop by our office CS 526 and we would be happy to get an e-mail address for you.


Professional Associations

UVU Digital Media participates in many industry associations. Staying current with technology and engaged learning practices helps promote our faculty and students with real world work experiences. Our professionals are known in the industry for their excellence in teaching.

iDMAa (International Digital Media and Arts Association)

UDEN (Utah Digital Entertainment Network)

ASC (The American Society of Cinematographers)

DGA (Directors Guild of America)

MPAU (Motion Picture Association of Utah)

AES (Audio Engineering Society)

IAsig (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group)

MPSE (Motion Picture Sound Editors)

ASIFA-Hollywood (International Animated Film Society)

IGDA (International Game Developers Association)

SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques)

IDF (Interaction Design Foundation)

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)

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Donate to the Digital Media Program

Contributions from alumni, community partners, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of UVU make an impact in shaping the minds and changing the lives of our students. Even modest contributions pooled together create opportunities for academic success by funding scholarships, engaged learning activities and provide support for program growth.

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Interested in teaching in the Digital Media field?

As an professional instructor you have the opportunity to explore teaching and passing your technical skills and experience down to the next generation of professionals in the Digital Media field.

Contact the DGM offices for more information

digitalmedia@uvu.edu | 801.863.8485 | Room CS 526