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Elementary Education

Current students in the Elementary Education Program are expected to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and conduct. Our goal is to help you learn and grow and to prepare you to enter the teaching field.

The Elementary Education Program's culminating experience is student teaching during your last semester or being an intern during the last school year before you graduate.

Student Teaching/Internships allow students to practice what has been learned on the university campus and, more importantly, to continue academic and professional growth.

Program Coursework
Semester-By-Semester Grad Plan


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Student Teaching


Student teachers and Interns will have opportunities to develop leadership skills working with students in various settings, such as: before and after school enrichment classes, performance activities, student government, and multiple clubs.

Student Teaching



UVU’s School of Education has adopted the nationally recognized edTPA Performance Assessment as the summative assessment of each graduate of our program. This assessment replaces the local senior project and represents an important step in teacher preparation recognition.

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You are responsible for two Praxis exams: your content area exam and the Teaching and Learning exam. You should take your content exam as early in the program as possible, as you must have taken it before student teaching. You must also pass the content exam before we can recommend you for licensure.