Focused on ways to improve learning outcomes for all children, the UVU School of Education's professional development opportunities are crafted for a broad cross section of educational stakeholders: parents, school administrators, teachers, business and community leaders, and others who shape or implement educational policy. Through a variety of approaches to learning – seminars, workshops, lectures, webinars, and online and face-to-face courses – participants acquire new perspectives on teaching and learning, deepen their repertoire of instructional skills, engage in personal reflection, and build lasting professional networks.

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The graduate offerings in the UVU School of Education include programs that will help teachers with the coursework needed to apply for endorsements to their existing Utah Teaching License. 

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Conferences and Seminars

Local conferences and seminars that are hosted by or sponsored by the UVU School of Education



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Special Topics in Education

Short, focused learning experiences are offered in a variety of formats for busy professional educators, community members, and educational policy makers on a range of high-interest topics for university credit.

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