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Ethics Awareness Week

Ethics Awareness Week (EAW) is our flagship event held annually during the last week of September. EAW explores a variety of topics through panel discussions, lectures, workshops, film screenings, awards, and more.

2022 EAW | Ethics, Education & Democracy2021 EAW | Ethical dimensions of civic life2020 EAW | PLURALISMS

Student Ethics Symposium

The annual Student Ethics Symposium features student scholarship from a variety of disciplines. This April event includes lectures, panel discussions, and reports on related undergraduate research projects.

2023 | Student Ethics symposium

2019 | STUDENT ETHICS SYMPOSIUM 2023 | Student Ethics symposium
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Ethics Faculty Fellowship

CSE Faculty Research Fellowships are designed to support faculty research across a variety of disciplines. Individual and group fellowships are awarded annually to projects that advance the field of study and promote related undergraduate research. 

Media Ethics in Latin American Contexts 
A Case Study on Violence Against Women

Dr. Leandra Hernandez
Assistant Professor of Communication
Utah Valley University

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Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl

The Center for the Study of Ethics is a strong supporter of high school and intercollegiate ethics bowls. UVU students compete in regional and national competitions led by Dr. Jeffrey Nielsen.

Congratulations to our UVU team! Winner of the 2019 Wasatch Regional Ethics Bowl at Weber State University. 

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