Frequently Asked Questions

What is UVU Online?

All my classroom courses were moved to remote learning during 2020. Isn’t everything at UVU online now?

Faculty and students did an incredible job adapting to an emergency remote delivery model as part of UVU’s response to COVID-19 during the Spring and Fall 2020 semesters! For Spring and Fall 2021, classes were offered in three primary modalities — face-to-face, livestream, and online.  UVU Faculty, Staff, and Administrators have continued to work to provide on campus experiences, including face to face classroom options, but they've also made great progress in providing students the flexibility that comes from being able to choose between different delivery types. Not everything is online, but most high enrollment courses do have online delivery options. 

So, how is UVU Online different?

There are some important distinctions between emergency remote delivery and designated online courses.

Intentional design: Designated online courses are designed, developed, and reviewed for quality over many months under normal operating conditions. Working with the instructional team, faculty develop a design plan for the course. Faculty are intentional about selecting and crafting learning content, incorporating opportunities for instructor feedback and engagement with their students, facilitating peer-to-peer communications, and assessing student learning. 

Team approach: Faculty developers collaborate with instructional designers and instructional technologists who are educated and experienced in the design and implementation of online course content and delivery. Faculty often build standardized courses on behalf of their department with support from and collaboration with other faculty members.

Quality review: For each designated online course developed with faculty and the instructional design team, a quality review is conducted. Each course is typically reviewed by three different anonymous reviewers using the “UVU Course Design Rubric” standard. After the first semester of offering the course, student input is also provided, with the recommendations provided to the faculty member to incorporate into the course.

How do I find a list of designated online courses?

Courses with an “X” designation (i.e., MGMT 3300 X01 or AVSC 1010 X02) denote designated online courses. When registering for classes, look for the “X” designation. You can find a full list of current and upcoming online courses on the Online Course page of UVU Online's website. 

Are there any new designated online courses?

 Yes! New online courses are being developed every semester. Many new online courses have been added to better meet student needs and provide flexible scheduling options. You can find a full list of current and upcoming online courses on the Online Course page of UVU Online's website. 

For the Summer & Fall 2024 Semesters, what delivery options can I choose from?

  1. Face-to-face: Face-to-face classes are held live in an assigned classroom on specific days and times.
  2. Livestream: Lecture is held live on specific days and times using MS Teams. Students join and interact using their own device. Physical classroom space is not scheduled. 
  3. Online: Delivery is 100% online via Canvas. Students do not meet on specific days or times. May require proctored exams, but there are no other location-bound requirements.

I would really prefer to take my courses in a traditional classroom. Why should I consider taking online courses?

Students who take a mix of both face-to-face and traditional online courses persist (re-enroll the following semester) at higher rates than those students who take exclusively traditional classroom or exclusively designated online courses. Data shows these students tend to graduate at higher rates, too — and sooner than their counterparts.

Students should thoughtfully consider their circumstances, available time, willingness to commit, differences in delivery, etc. We recommend that most students continue to take courses over the summer and often, more than 50% of summer course sections are designated online courses.

Online Courses & Degrees

Does UVU offer any fully online degrees?

Yes! There are many areas of study you can choose from, leading to more than 40 different online programs –unique certificates, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees.

What is UVU doing to meet the increased demand for quality designated online courses?

UVU Online is working with individual colleges and departments to help emphasize availability of online courses, particularly in high enrollment areas.  

What experience does UVU have with 100% online students? How many students were taking exclusively designated online courses prior to COVID-19?

UVU has been offering designated online courses and fully online degrees for more than 20 years to students throughout Utah and beyond. Roughly 3,000 UVU students were enrolled exclusively in designated online courses prior to the COVID-19 response.

How Do I Sign Up for Online Classes?

Students register for online classes through the regular UVU registration process. Instructions and deadlines can be found at  UVU's Registration page.

It is simple to distinguish regular online courses from face-to-face classes by looking at the section number. Online sections begin with an X, and sections X51-X59 are designated for the Global Aviation and Emergency Services online distance programs.

How Much Does an Online Course Cost?

All UVU online courses are charged regular tuition and fees with the exception of the Global Aviation and Emergency Services out of state programs.

Can I Start Online Classes at Any Time?

UVU Online classes begin and end on the regular UVU semester. Most courses will have deadlines throughout the semester. Students that follow all deadlines even if they are suggested due dates are the most successful at completing the courses.

Resources & Services

How Do I Access My Online Class and How Does It Work?

The first day of the semester you need to login to myUVU.  Click on the Canvas icon. Your class(es) will be listed under the Courses drop down. Select your class.  Here you will find things such as a course outline and syllabus, a welcome message, and lesson modules. Homework is submitted through Canvas.  Also, online classes do not typically have regular meetings times as face-to-face classes do (i.e. meeting only from 9:00-11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday), but some might require synchronous meetings and there will be deadlines throughout the semester.

What services and resources are available to online students?

Online students can benefit from many UVU resources. Most UVU organizations have not only shifted to remotely delivering those services but were set up to help 100% online students before. The Fulton Library, academic tutoring center, advisement center, and others are ready to help.

Check out the Being an Online Student page for more information.

How do I request an Accessibility Accommodation?

Students who need accommodations because of a disability may contact the UVU Office of Accessibility Services (OAS), located on the Orem Campus in LC 312. To schedule an appointment or to speak with a counselor, call the OAS office at 801-863-8747. Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals, email [email protected] or text 385-208-2677.

Technology & Support

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the current Learning Management System (LMS) used for online course materials for UVU. Students can access the online components of their courses through myUVU by clicking on the Canvas icon in the upper right corner, or by using this link to UVU Canvas.

What are the Basic Computer Specifications to Successfully Access Canvas?

Google Chrome is the best browser followed by Firefox. Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s IE are not as compatible. You will want to make sure you are using the most updated version of whichever browser you are using.

Canvas Guides provides a list of basic specifications.

I Can't Access the Next Section of My Course. What Do I Do?

Usually this means there is a prerequisite set on the progression of the lessons. You must complete everything that is currently open to you before you can progress to the next section. Sometimes there is a quiz that you must complete with a certain percent correct before it will allow you to move on. Please contact our if you have further questions.

What Should I Do if My Computer Stopped Working in the Middle of a Quiz?

Reboot your computer and log back into Canvas. See if it will let you start where you left off. If it won’t, you will need to contact your instructor to ask if the quiz can be reset for you.

When Do I Contact the Instructional Support Technologists Vs. the Instructor for Issues?

The Instructional Support Technologists (ISTs) can help you with technical problems you may be having with Canvas, such as submitting an assignment. You should always contact the instructor first with any questions related to the subject of the course.


Where Can I Access Canvas Training?

If you would like to participate in a Canvas orientation for students, click on Canvas Tour.  It is both a virtual tour through UVU campus and an interactive exploration of the Canvas tools that will be most useful to you.

You can also visit the Canvas Support for Students at the Office of Teaching & Learning website for links to additional resources.

How Will I Take Proctored Exams?

UVU uses Proctorio to remotely proctor exams. Before your first proctored exam, use our helpful resources: Student Proctorio Guide and Troubleshooting Chart.

Can I Live Outside of Utah While Completing My Online Degree or Classes?

Absolutely, however verify on UVU’s state authorization webpage that your program is authorized in your state of choice.


How Will My Professor Contact Me?

Professors may contact you through your student email through myUVU or through Canvas. It is recommended to forward your myUVU student email to your preferred email address by following these instructions:

  1. Open myUVU.
  2. Click the email icon on the top right toolbar.
  3. Chose the tab entitled "Options".
  4. Click "Auto forward".
  5. Enter the email account you desire.

Even though the messages are being forwarded the original message will be kept in the myUVU email account. There is currently no way to have the originals deleted automatically after the forward has been completed, they must be deleted manually in myUVU mail.

How Do I Contact My Professor?

Professor contact information should be available in the syllabus information found in the course on Canvas.

I Am So Far Behind in My Class. What Can I Do to Catch Up?

You will need to talk with the instructor to see if it is still possible to catch up or not. If it is possible to catch up, you may want to contact your academic advisor for suggestions on study tips and tutoring suggestions.

What if My Grade is Wrong?

Contact your instructor right away if your grade on an assignment or your final grade is missing or you believe it is wrong. Contact information can be found on your syllabus.

I Can No Longer Attend Class Because of a Medical Condition or Family Tragedy.
It is Past the Withdraw Date. What Do I Do?

Contact your academic advisor and explain the situation. Your advisor will be able to provide you with the forms to petition a Withdraw if you have proper documentation of your situation.

Can I Take an Exam Early?

You must contact your instructor if you wish to take an exam before it is set to open.

My Online Exam Requires a Password. What Do I Do?

If an exam in your online course requires a password you will need to take your exam under proctored conditions. See the Exam Proctoring webpage for step-by-step instructions.

Can You Re-Open a Test For Me?

You must contact your instructor if you need a test or assignment reopened. You can then forward the permission from the instructor to the Canvas Support if needed.

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