About Spirion

logoSpirion is a tool that allows you to search for PSI (Private Sensitive Information) on your PC or Mac computer. It can scan your local hard drive, file shares, and external media for PSI. It can search for bank account numbers, birth dates, maiden names, addresses, passwords, driver's license numbers, and employee identification numbers in addition to searching for Social Security, and credit card numbers. Data that it flags as possibly being PSI can easily be securely deleted, securely encrypted, or ignored if it is not truly PSI to prevent it from being flagged in future scans. All this can be done from inside the application.

Why we should secure PSI

Your PSI as well as the PSI of others such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, mother's maiden names, driver's license numbers, etc. are all just commodities for hackers. They can easily sell this information on black markets for money, making it a very desirable target for them. The repercussions from leakage of this information can cost individuals and companies large sums of money, and be very troublesome to deal with. Therefore, it is important to store this data where hackers cannot easily obtain it. This is the purpose for the Spirion tool at our institution.