What is Service-Learning?

Service-learning at Utah Valley University is an engaged teaching and learning strategy in which students participate in structured service activities that:

  • Meet  community-identified needs
  • Enhance discipline-based knowledge and skills
  • Strengthen the community
  • Encourage in-depth understanding of course content and a broader appreciation of the discipline
  • Immerse students in the subject matter and its application
  • Enhance the students' sense of civic responsibility and community engagement

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Infographic of service-learning outcomes

Service-Learning for Students

Take your education to the next level by learning while serving in your community.

Not finding a service-learning (SL) class that fits your schedule? Use the forms below to designate one of your courses as Service-Learning.

Volunteer Service Hours Log
Student/Faculty/Agency Plan
Student Service-Learning Plan  

Service-Learning for Faculty

Designate a Course

To officially designate a course as service-learning, please contact Dr. Jonathan Westover at jonathan.westover@uvu.edu. Dr. Westover will discuss appropriate course development and redesign related to the elements in the Service- Learning Quality Assessment Tool (SLQAT).

Risk Management

University policy must be followed regarding risk management. The Service-Learning Committee put together an excellent best practices document to help you. Principles of Risk Management For Service-Learning Faculty.

Activity Participation Agreement or Activity Participation Agreement for Minors forms are required for any activity off campus that is sponsored by the university, including service-learning. The faculty member giving the serving-learning assignment must obtain a signed  agreement for each student before the student begins any service-learning opportunity; please be sure that the serving-learning opportunity is accurately described in the agreement.  The faculty member is also responsible for storing these signed agreements for two years after the end of the semester.

*Please contact James Duncan, Director of Enterprise Risk Management & Claims Counsel, for questions regarding these forms.


These forms are not required, but may be helpful in establishing an agreement between the faculty, student, and community partner for a successful service-learning experience.

Student/Faculty/Agency Plan

Student Service-Learning Plan

Volunteer Service Hours Log


The Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship trains and supports faculty in designing or modifying courses to integrate service-learning into the course curriculum.

For faculty members who have previously completed the Service-Learning Fellowship and would like to review the materials covered, we have created a refresher course for you to access at any time. 

Refresher Canvas Course


Participants who successfully complete the Service- Learning Faculty Fellowship will

  • Recognize the differences between civic engagement through service-learning vs. community volunteerism
  • Develop partnerships with community entities engaged in work related to their course objectives
  • Apply strategies to engage students in meaningful reflection about authentic learning through service
  • Complete a syllabus outlining and implementing a new or revised course that utilizes service-learning principles


As part of the fellowship, faculty will receive the following:

  • Readings and resources to assist with the design and development of service-learning courses
  • Assistance forming community partnerships, orienting students to service-learning, and structuring syllabi and appropriate reflection exercises

Service-Learning Library

Topics Covered

  • Overview: Definitions & Examples
  • Roles: Theory & Pedagogy
  • Relevance: Learning Goals & Objectives, Syllabus
  • Reciprocity: Identifying Needs & Community Partners
  • Reflection/Risk: Outcomes & Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Reporting: Show & Tell


Upon completion, fellows are awarded a stipend of $500. Each faculty member awarded a fellowship will agree to do the following:

  • Attend and participate in six fellowship sessions
  • Revise a syllabus for at least one course to include an academic service-learning component
  • Commit to incorporate service-learning in at least one class for the following semester


The faculty mentoring program provides support for Service-Learning Fellows attempting to implement service-learning in their course(s). Additionally, members of the UVU Service-Learning Committee (representing each college on campus) will also help to mentor service-learning faculty within their disciplines. The Service-Learning Faculty Mentoring Program will primarily be for those faculty who have just completed the Service-Learning Fellowship and are working to implement service-learning into a new course.

*If you are interested in participating in the mentoring program or volunteering as a faculty mentor, please contact Dr. Jonathan Westover at jonathan.westover@uvu.edu or call ext. 8215.

Fellowship & Grants

The Center for Social Impact is committed to supporting faculty in their service-learning scholarship by offering a number of fellowships and grants. These include Community-Based Participatory Research Service-Learning Fellows, High-Impact Matching Grants, and Service-Learning Fellowships.

Designated Departments

Designated Departments

If you are interested in designating your department as a Service-Learning Designated Department, please return the completed application to Dr. Jonathan Westover at jonathan.westover@uvu.edu. 

Application Document

College of Humanities and Social Studies

  • Social Work
  • Languages and Cultures:
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
  • Family Science
  • Communication

Woodbury School of Business

  • Marketing
  • Personal Financial
  • Planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management

College of Health and Public Services

  • Emergency Services
  • Emergency Services Management
  • Emergency Services Fire Fighter
  • Criminal Justice

School of Education

  • Education, Early Childhood
  • Education, Elementary
  • Education, Special
  • Student Leadership and Success Studies

College of Science

  • Nursing
  • Earth Science
  • Geography
  • Earth Science-Environmental
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Exercise Science
  • Physical Education
  • Teacher Ed

College of Technology and Computing

  • Digital Media

Community-Based Participatory Research Service-Learning Fellows

Community-Based Participatory Research Service-Learning Fellows

This award supports faculty led high-impact service-learning classroom projects that benefit students, the university, and the community partner through a competitive selection process, with the chosen fellow receiving up to $5,000 in funding.


For more information, please contact Dr. Jonathan Westover at jonathan.westover@uvu.edu

High-Impact Grants

High-Impact Grants

Awarded projects involve classroom-centered service-learning with clearly defined and measurable deliverables for community partners. These high impact community projects immerse students into real-world, applied experiences with a community partner. Students benefit by delivering a high-end professional project that will provide significant return on investment for their community partner organization, thus fostering/strengthening ongoing external relationships within the community.
High-Impact Community Partnership project funding gives faculty the opportunity to receive matching funds to support projects with community partners. High Impact Community Partnership SEED Grants are part of the Grants for Engaged Learning (GEL).

For more information, please contact Dr. Jonathan Westover at jonathan.westover@uvu.edu.

Past Service-Learning Fellows and Grant Recipients

Fellowship Recipients

Past Fellows

Grant Recipients

CBPR List of names

  • Dr. Steven Emerman
  • Dr. Marcy Hehnly
  • Dr. Rachel Bi
  • Dr. Lori Santos
  • Dr. Sandy McGunigall-Smith

HIMG names

  • Dr. Lori Santos
  • Dr. Jonathan Westover
  • Dr. Teresa Cardon
  • Dr. Norman Wright
  • Dr. Cameron John
  • Dr. Steven Emerman
  • Dr. Nathan Cottle

Service-Learning Mini-Grants

Service-Learning Mini-Grants

Beginning in Fall 2017, we began a rolling submission cycle of Service-Learning Mini-Grant proposals to support you in your service-learning efforts and class projects. Academic Service-Learning has limited funding available to offer small monetary amounts (up to $500) to assist in implementing community-engaged experiential learning projects in your SL-designated courses.

Application Document

Learning Circle

If you are interested in participating in the Faculty Learning Circle, register using the link below or contact Dr. Leandra Hernandez at leandra.hernandez@uvu.edu.

The Spring 2023  circle will be exploring Reconceptualizing Faculty Development in Service-Learning/Community Engagement: Exploring Intersections, Frameworks and Models of Practice.

The Service-Learning Circle meets Thursdays @ 2 pm: 1/26, 2/9, 3/2, 3/16, 3/30, 4/13


Register for the Learning Circle

Social Impact Visiting Faculty Fellow Call for Proposals

Utah Valley University’s Innovation Academy and Center for Social Impact are pleased to announce a call for proposals for the new Social Impact Visiting Faculty Fellow program (for a semester or full academic year). The purpose of the Social Impact Visiting Faculty Fellow program is to support academic social impact projects, which should benefit UVU students, our campus community, and our surrounding community.

The visiting faculty chosen to be a Social Impact Visiting Faculty Fellow will receive office space, admin support, and a project budget* from the Center for Social Impact to assist them in implementing a high-impact community-based social impact project (ideally involving students in multiple service-learning courses, and over multiple semesters if the duration of the fellowship is a full academic year).

The Social Impact Visiting Faculty Fellow will also be expected to work closely with the student Impact Fellows in the UVU Center for Social Impact in developing events for UVU students and the surrounding community related to their proposed social impact project. The visiting fellowship is housed in the UVU Center for Social Impact, in collaboration with UVU's Innovation Academy. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

*See additional details in Call for Proposals or contact Dr. Jonathan Westover at jonathan.westover@uvu.edu.

Faculty Fellow Call for Proposals


The Utah Valley University Faculty Service-Learning Committee is a standing service committee that provides support for faculty and administration in the area of academic service-learning. The committee acts as a resource to and represent the faculty, supports the UVU mission and Center efforts, assists faculty in improving their teaching effectiveness, and helps the service-learning pedagogy move forward on this campus.

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