Utah Fire Service Wildland Patch


General Information

The Utah Fire and Rescue Academy offers wildland fire training to Utah career and volunteer fire departments. All the wildland fire courses meet or exceed the requirements or standards of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).

The NFPA 1051 Wildland Fire Fighter Professional Qualification Standard designates the Basic Wildland Firefighter as Wildland Firefighter I.

The Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss is designated as Wildland Firefighter II. This is the exact opposite of the NWCG titles: Firefighter II is Basic Wildland Firefighter and Firefighter I is Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss. The training courses listed on the career and volunteer firefighter pages use the NFPA terminology, Wildland Firefighter I and Wildland Firefighter II.

These courses can be delivered directly to fire departments. Each class will include all course material as well as wildland equipment needed to practice for the skills portion of state certification. Wildland Firefighter I and II certification testing should be scheduled 30 days in advance.

In addition to the cognitive and manipulative certification test, each firefighter desiring a Red Card will need to take a physical fitness test as administered by their department. All the criteria for the certification tests can be found in the state certification standards. For more information on specific wildland fire training classes please refer to the menu below.

The Wildland Fire Training Program provides standardized wildfire training for agency, career, volunteer, and industrial firefighters to instill professionalism, safety, and interagency cooperation.

For program information contact Dan Cather at [email protected].