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We know that parenting can be challenging. There are resources available to UVU student parents at the Wee Care Center, across campus, and in the broader community. These parent resources, programs, and services are here to help you succeed as both a student and a parent.

Wee Care Information

Campus Resources

Women's Success Center

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UVU’s Women’s Success Center (WSC) offers advising, programming, and mentoring for women-identifying students. The WSC is dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and graduating women in higher education. 
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Care About Childcare

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Care About Childcare refers parents to high-quality childcare in the community that is affordable and accessible. 
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The Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism

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The Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism (MNCA) serves the autistic community at UVU and in the community by providing educational opportunities for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, training for professionals, and community care for both children and adults. 
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New Parent Resources

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Find a hub for all resources at UVU dedicated to supporting student parents, from family-friendly study rooms to breastfeeding kits. 
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Lactation Pods

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There are six Mamava lactation pods on the main Orem Campus where breastfeeding parents can pump and feed their children in a private, secure place. There are also pods on West Campus and Lehi Campus. 
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UVU campus
The CARE Hub connects students to well-being resources so students can meet their basic needs while in school, including food, housing, and transportation resources. 
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Community Resources

Care About Childcare - Utah

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Utah’s Early Childhood and Youth Education Program Database and Workforce Registry. 
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Nemours KidsHealth is the most-viewed site for dependable information on children's health, behavior, and development from before birth through the teen years. On Nemours KidsHealth, you'll find doctor-reviewed advice on hundreds of physical, emotional, and behavioral topics. 
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Kids on the Move

Kids on the Move provides services throughout Utah to support families with young children with special needs. Kids on the Move has an umbrella of independent operating pillar programs. Services include the Autism Center, Early Head Start, Early Intervention, Preschool & Childcare, and Respite Care. 
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United Way

Find assistance near you with our resource lists by county. These lists are easily printable and shareable. 
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Utah State Board of Education: Nutrition Programs

Child Nutrition Programs help to ensure the children of Utah have adequate access to safe and nutritious foods. Child Nutrition Programs administers 14 federal food programs and sub programs, designed to ensure sponsors have the necessary knowledge and resources to enable them to provide children and chronically disabled adults access to safe and healthy foods. 
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Utah Women, Infants and Children

The Utah Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program offers nutrition and breastfeeding services and supplemental food for pregnant mothers, infants, and children up to 5 years old. 
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Harvest for Healthy Kids

Harvest for Healthy Kids helps children develop healthy eating habits. The program connects young children with fresh food grown close to home through activity kits that teach science, math and literacy. Each kit is developed and tested by teachers and childcare providers, and includes hands-on activities with different fruits and vegetables, colorful picture cards, newsletters for families and background information for adults. 
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Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow Utah is a free information and referral helpline that provides parents, physicians, and community partners all across Utah with resources to make a difference in the lives of pregnant parents and families with children 8 and under. We share our knowledge with you through text, email, phone calls, and mail; all services are available in English and Spanish. Here’s a quick glimpse into some of the resources we offer:

  • Personalized parent support: A Parent Support Specialist to answer parenting, pregnancy, and child development questions
  • Screenings: Questionnaires for parents to measure and track a child’s general and social-emotional development, and a screening to help parents throughout a pregnancy and postpartum
  • Activities: Age-specific activities to strengthen child development and the parent-child bond
  • Connection to community resources: Recommendations on community support (parenting classes, therapy, and more)

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Parent Advisory Board

The Wee Care Parent Advisory Board addresses parent concerns and develops peer-support opportunities for parents at Wee Care. This board meets once a month to discuss and assess Wee Care Center service and parent/child needs, generate creative ideas and solutions, and propose activities that will help strengthen student parent bonds and encourage retention at UVU.

If you would like more information about the Parent Advisory Board, please contact .

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