New Instructor

Thank you for your interest in UVU Concurrent Enrollment!

Please follow the steps below prior to submitting any paperwork.

  1. Contact your district to verify that your course is in alignment. Your district CE Director must verify and match the course with the State Master List.
  2. Visit our website to review and compare course curriculum. Click on the High School Instructors Tab and select UVU Course Syllabi. Review and compare your curriculum with the corresponding UVU syllabus to verify your course curriculum is compatible.
  3. Contact the UVU department liaison to verify adjunct faculty qualifications. To access liaison contact information, go to website, click on the Instructor Tab and select UVU Department Contact List. If there are discrepancies that prevent approval, those concerns should be discussed and resolved before continuing with your application.
  4. Submit the completed application. Upon preliminary approval from the department liaison, submit your application to your high school principal and district administrator for signature. Forward your completed packet to the UVU Concurrent Enrollment Office. Completed Packet= this application, an unofficial college transcript, and a personal resume.
    Application Deadlines
    • March 15th for Fall Semester
    • Oct 15th for Spring Semester
    Applications submitted late will be processed for the following semester/year
  5. Attend Training. The UVU department chair will review your entire application packet. If your application meets the requirements, the department will schedule a training meeting with you. After completion of the departmental training, you must also attend a mandatory Concurrent Enrollment Orientation.
  6. Inform your school that you will be offering Concurrent Enrollment. Upon final completion of this process, your course(s) will be added to our website, and your students will be eligible to receive UVU credit. Make sure your school registrar, counselors, and CE site coordinator are informed.