Automotive classes at UVU

Utah Valley University’s Applied Engineering and Transportation Technology Department

Starting Fall of 2024: Concurrent Enrollment Classes!


These new classes are available to high school juniors and seniors. This gives you a chance to explore different careers in the transportation industry.

You will have the opportunity to learn about automotive, diesel, collision repair, powersports, transportation technology, automation, and electrical technology!


Where: UVU Orem Main Campus

Fee: $5.00 a credit and a one-time $600 lab fee

When: Classes take place Monday-Thursday with Friday being used for industry job shadowing experience.


Classes are separated into three different groups: 


  1. 12 credits towards an AAS degree


  • CRT 1110 Surface Preparation
  • CRT 111L Lab 1 Credit Hour
  • CRT 1120 Non-Structural Repair (Small Dent Repair)
  • CRT 112L Lab
  • CRT 1130 Overall Refinishing Theory
  • CRT 113L Lab
  • CRT 1140 Panel Alignment and Adjustment
  • CRT 114L Lab

Diesel Technology

12 credits towards an AAS degree


  • DMT 1110 Diesel Engine Overhaul
  • DMT 1115 Lab
  • DMT 1120 Diesel Engine Operation / Tune Up
  • DMT 1125 Lab



Power Sports Technology

12 credits toward an AAS degree


  • AUT 1160 Basic Engine Electrical
  • AUT 116L Lab
  • PST 1110 2 Stroke Engines
  • PST 111L Lab
  • CRT 1230 Welding and Cutting
  • CRT 123L Lab
  • PST 1210 4 Stroke Engines
  • PST 1215 Lab













Why should you work towards an AAS degree?


  • 95% job placement
  • Foundation for future educational opportunities like a bachelor’s degree or business ownership
  • Better and higher paying jobs
  • You can fast track your education by getting a semester of courses completed by high school graduation


Contact your UVU Concurrent Enrollment Advisor, Applied Engineering and Transportation Technology Department, and school counselors to find out if these classes can work for you!


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