A CFLC is a College Flexible Learning Council. CFLCs are responsible for supporting development, reviews, and recognition of flexible courses. Membership of a CFLC typically includes faculty who teach online, an Associate Dean, and support staff such as advisors.

College/School Data

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College of Engineering and Technology


CET CFLC Members

Keith Mulbery, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
Jack Troutt, Aviation (Co-Chair)
Susan Thackeray, Tech Management
Jonathan Allred, Architecture/Engineer Design
Brian Durney, Computer Science
David Frame, Engineering Technology
Emily Hedrick, Digital Media 
Armen Ilikchyan, Tech Management
Paul McMullin, Engineering
Dan McDonald, Information Systems
Joseph McRae, Culinary Arts
Kodey Crandall, Information Systems & Technology
Abraham Teng, Computer Science
Zachery Taylor, Transportation Technologies
Kelly Sprenz, OTL
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College of Health and Public Service



Tom Sturtevant, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
Gary Noll, Emergency Services (Co-Chair)
Hsiu-Chin (Sunny) Chen, Nursing
Matt Duffin, Criminal Justice
unknown, Masters in Public Service (MPS)
Karen Preston, Dental Hygiene
Chris Lindquist, Emergency Services
Shawn Edwards, OTL
James Reno, OTL
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College of Humanities and Social Sciences



Janet Colvin, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
Geoff Cockerham, History (Co-Chair)
Nathan Gale, English
Grace Chou, Behavioral Science
Leandra Hernandez, Communication
Sam Liang, Philosophy
Sara Ulloa, Languages
Melinda Bender, Literacies & Composition
Istvan Berente, OTL
Shawn Edwards, OTL
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College of Science


CoS CFLC Members

Jason Slack, Associate Dean (Chair)
Shane Draper, Exercise Science
Emily Heider, Chemistry
Scott Lewis, Math
Devin Taylor, Biology
Christian Draper, Physics
Istvan Berente, OTL
James Reno, OTL
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School of the Arts


SoA CLFC Members

Jim Godfrey, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
Sarah Donohue (Co-Chair)
Amber Tutwiler,  Art & Design
Ross Hagen, Music
Jill Robinson, Theatre
Istvan Berente, OTL
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School of Education


SoE CFLC Members

Stan Harward, Associate Dean (Chair)
Sandie Waters, Elementary Education (Co-Chair)
Dale Cox, Med Ed Leadership
Debora Escalante, Elementary Education
Nicole Gearing, Elementary Education
Vessela Ilieva, Dean
George Odongo, Special Ed
Elaine Tuft, Elementary Education
Bryan Waite, Secondary Education
Rachel Johnson, Admin Support
Andrew Goodman,  Elementary Education
Stacy Waddoups, Student Leadership/Success Studies
Kelly Sprenz, OTL
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Woodbury School of Business


WSB CFLC Members

Ben Cummings, Finance and Economics (Co-Chair)
Maureen Andrade, Organizational Leadership (Co-Chair)
Diego Karste, Marketing
Kevin Rhoads, Strategic Management
Bunney Schmidt, Accounting
Jacob Sybrowsky, Associate Dean
James Reno, OTL




Course Development Options

Explanation of the different ways to develop courses with OTL.

View Description of Course Development Options 

Getting Started with
Online Course Dev

Semester Start Checklist

An overview of what is needed to do at the beginning of a semester to ensure a smooth start. 

Semester Start Checklist 

Accessibility Webpage

Support Information for Accessibility within an Online Course .

Accessibility Webpage 

Syllabus Checklist

Request Shell Template

If you are starting an Online Course Development, OTL will provide a template shell that contains: 

  • Your department branding
  • Common navigation layout for students

Request Shell Template


Canvas Commons

Below is a list of resources available in Canvas Commons. Guide to accessing Canvas Commons 

Course Orientation/Student Resources Module 

This orientation covers the basics of Canvas, Proctorio, Teams, and links to student resources. 

Tags: Basic Essentials, Canvas Tour, Proctorio, Teams, UVU, course orientation, student resources 

Course Orientation/Student Resources Module 

UVU Canvas Tour for Student  

Canvas Tour introduces the basics of Canvas for students. It is also available in the Course Orientation/Student Resources Module 

Tags: Canvas, Student Orientation, Tour 

UVU Canvas Tour for Student  

Proctorio Practice Quiz 

Courses that have Proctorio enabled should ideally offer a practice quiz so students can practice before an actual assessment. 

Tags: Proctorio, distance proctoring, exam proctoring, practice quiz, remote proctoring 

Proctorio Practice Quiz 

Ready, Set, Learn Online! Student Readiness Survey 

Ready, Set, Learn Online is a survey students can take to determine their preparedness to take online courses. 

Tags: UVU online, online learning, student readiness 


Ready, Set, Learn Online! Student Readiness Survey 

View Award Winning

Use one of the links below to view the Canvas courses of the Flexible Teaching Award Winners 

Resources for Faculty during Course Development/ CFLC Build


The reviewers of your course will use this rubric to perform the quality review on your course.  


Accessibility Webpage

Support information for accessibility within an online course 

Accessibility Webpage


Faculty Teaching

Learn more about Flexible Teaching Awards, learn how to apply, and watch showcase videos of previous winners. 

Flexible Teaching Awards

What is a CFLC Build?

CFLC Builds is a course development program in the Office of Teaching and Learning. CFLC Builds are intended for faculty who are experienced in both online course design and development. Courses that go through these programs will become Certified, have common navigation for students, as well as Accessibility and Copyright being address. 

What is the difference between a UFLC-OTL Build and CFLC Build? 


UFLC-OTL Builds 

CFLC Builds 


Various experience teaching and/or designing flexible courses 

Experienced faculty only 

Instructional Designer 

Assigned and available 

Available for template help only (through Project Manager) 


Available through Instructional Designer  

Generally, not available 

Milestones for payment 



Groups responsible for approvals at milestones 


School/college Flexible Learning Council and OTL 

Canvas support 

Available through Instructional Designer/OTL Lab 

Available through OTL Lab only 


1 semester for course development preferred 



For more information about UFLC-OTL builds visit theUFLC Build course development page.   

Button Up (BU) 

The “button up” procedure is intended to prepare courses for the quality review process. The “button up” procedures consist of the following processes: 

  1. Template for consistent navigation 
  2. Accessibility 
  3. Copyright 

College Flexible Learning Councils (CFLC)


Common Navigation and Accessibility (CN & A)

Elements of a course that need to be resolved after a Quality Review to certify a course. 

Course Design Plan (CDP) 

Course Design Plan:  outlines the objectives, assessments, and activities for the course. 

Face to Face and Online course (F2F + OL)

Face to Face and Online course; can also be referred to as a hybrid or blended course.

Flexible Teaching Awards (FTA) 

Contains the Best Design award for both Online and Blended courses and Best Delivery award for both Online and Blended courses. 

View the Flexible Teaching Awards

Instructional Design Services (IDS)

Instructional Designer (ID)

Instructional Support Technologist (IST)

  • Provides support for academic departments and faculty with Canvas and accompanying technologies 
  • Each department has an assigned IST 

Quality Review (QR)

  • Quality Review: a Qualtrics survey sent to three reviewers anonymously to review a course to a rubric provided by OTL. A Response to the Review is needed from the SME of the course. 
  • See the rubric here:UVU Flexible Course Design Rubric 2023.docx  
  • Anonymous review of the course by three peer faculty and a faculty response to the review. 

Student Feedback Survey (SFS)

  • The Mid-Semester Student Feedback Survey (SFS) is a survey that asks students questions about different elements of the design of the course. 
  • A Response to the Results is needed from the SME of the course. 
  • Students complete a survey related to course design 

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Refers to the faculty member building a UFLC or CFLC Build.

University Flexible Learning Council  (UFLC)


Versioning (VS)

The Project Manager and you work to verify that thefuture live version of the course matches the course that went through CFLC Builds process.