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Digital Media



Digital Media


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Kim P. Brown


Mission Statement

Digital Media prepares students for careers in digital media. It equips students with foundation theories and procedures to develop sound multi-communication structures. It integrates: graphics, text animation, video and audio digital materials to entertain, educate, and communicate ideas through meaningful human interaction. Students in Digital Media (DGM) may earn either an AAS Degree or a Bachelor's Degree.


Digital Media



Bachelor Admittance Requirement

Digital Media (DGM) requires all students seeking a bachelor’s degree to meet or exceed certain criteria to be eligible for the program. All sophomores and transfer students will need to apply to the program by completing a Portfolio Review. Eligibility for the bachelor program requires that all students receive a B- (2.75) or above in DGM courses. Additionally, this grade threshold must be maintained throughout the bachelor degree program to remain in good standing. Upper-division courses (3000 or 4000 level) cannot be taken unless accepted into the bachelor program.

Note: All freshmen should declare their “anticipated” degree when they complete their entrance application. Students accepted into the bachelor program must re-submit a new application at which time they must declare their “official” degree.

Laptop Requirement

Laptops will be required for many of the upper-division courses. Each degree will have its own laptop specifications. Please see a Digital Media advisor for details.

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