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Digital Media



Digital Media


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Kim P. Brown


Mission Statement

Digital Media prepares students for careers in digital media. Here are the Bachelor's and A A S Degrees offered.

Animation & Gaming Development allows students to gain skills that are central to contemporary industry best practices, with a focus on aesthetics, scripting, and modeling.

Digital Audio is a powerful gateway into the fascinating world of album recording, mixing, on-site location, and post-production sound for film and video, audio restoration, and forensic sound analysis, live sound, radio production, and audio hardware and software design.

Digital Cinema track at UVU has been over ten years in the making. Created by filmmakers, a "hands-on" filmmaking experience integrates theory and engaged learning by using industry-standard scripting, pre-production, production, and post-production digital cinema techniques. Dollar for dollar, this is the best media training in the nation.

Web & Development will assist students in learning industry standards in the field of Web Technologies. They will receive a cross-discipline education foundation of design and development. Students can choose Interaction & Design emphasis that will help them create websites, digital interfaces, and digital publications. Students focus on UX and Interaction and Design; or they can choose Web & App development emphasis and develop websites, digital interfaces, and apps. Students focus on Web and App Development.

Students in Digital Media (DGM) may earn either an AAS Degree or a Bachelor's Degree. The Digital Media program was one of the first in the country. For over 20 years, UVU students have been working in the digital media field


Digital Media


  • Sehrash Khan (student last name A-Ha)
  • Telephone: 801-863-6597
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Bachelor Admittance Requirement

Digital Media (DGM) requires all students seeking a bachelor’s degree to meet or exceed certain criteria to be eligible for the program. All sophomores and transfer students will need to apply to the program by completing a Portfolio Review. Eligibility for the bachelor program requires that all students receive a B- (2.75) or above in DGM courses. Additionally, this grade threshold must be maintained throughout the bachelor degree program to remain in good standing. Upper-division courses (3000 or 4000 level) cannot be taken unless accepted into the bachelor program.

Note: All freshmen should declare their “anticipated” degree when they complete their entrance application. Students accepted into the bachelor program must re-submit a new application at which time they must declare their “official” degree.

Laptop Requirement

Laptops will be required for many of the upper-division courses. Each degree will have its own laptop specifications. Please see a Digital Media advisor for details.

Degrees & Programs