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Mission Statement

The Department of Music promotes student success through innovative programs that enhance musical creativity, hone performance expertise, and sustain high standards of academic excellence. World-class faculty provide learning opportunities essential to the professional competency of music students as they prepare for an increasingly global marketplace. The department engages diverse audiences through performances and activities representing an array of musical styles and traditions. 

Our objectives are to:

1.  Offer the highest quality of education for students pursuing undergraduate programs in music performance, commercial music, music education, liberal arts in music, and integrated studies with a music emphasis.

2.  Provide an inviting, safe, and healthy environment that promotes academic excellence and musical creativity.

3.  Provide general music studies and performance opportunities to all students on campus.

4.   Foster an open and inclusive environment that engages traditional and non-traditional students, celebrates diversity, and promotes understanding of a variety of musical styles and cultures.

5. Promote a supportive and stimulating environment within the department that encourages students and faculty to explore creativity and innovation at their highest professional potential. 




Entrance Auditions

Entrance auditions are required for students wishing to pursue a degree in music. Live auditions are recommended, as they provide students with the opportunity to meet and perform for the faculty. Students also have the option to submit a recorded audition. More information:

Scholarship Auditions

Music majors and non-majors alike are eligible for a variety of scholarships, ranging from quarter to full tuition. Live auditions are recommended, as they provide students with the opportunity to meet and perform for the faculty. More information:

Ensemble Auditions

Ensemble auditions are held at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. More information:

Theory Placement

All new music major students are required to take a music theory placement examination on the first day of semester classes. The results of this test may indicate a need for further theory training before entrance into Music Theory I. More information:

Keyboard Proficiency

Music majors are required to pass keyboard proficiency examinations in preparation for their Sophomore review. Students who complete Group Piano I, II, III, and IV with a ‘B’ or higher will fulfill exam requirements. Students who have attained a requisite level of competency in piano may be exempted from group piano coursework through a demonstration of exam requirements. More information:


Degrees & Programs