Registration Process

Please Note

  • There is a late registration window for students who do not register by the registration deadline. 
  • A $15 late fee will be applied for each course registered past the registration deadline.
  • Registration For High School Seniors:  If you are taking your first concurrent enrollment course in the spring semester of your senior year and you have already completed an undergraduate admissions application to begin classes at UVU after high school graduation, you will still need to complete a High School Concurrent Enrollment admissions application prior to the spring semester deadline.

Things to know before you register:

Know Your Prerequisites

Certain courses have prerequisites.

View the Prerequisite List for detailed information.

For the nearest testing option, contact your high school coordinator or visit UVU's Testing Services.

Find Your Course

Contact your high school coordinator or facilitator to know what classes are available for your grade level.

Locate your 5-digit CRN for each course you want to take at your high school.

Face-to-Face with high school instructor:

Locate Your Course CRN

Live Interactive with UVU instructor:

Locate Your Course CRN

Need Help

Don't know your UVID? Find it

Don't know your password? Reset it


Is this your First Time Logging in to your MyUvu?

Help for first time loggin in

Screen 1:  Select the Student Tab

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Step 1


Screen 2:  Select "Registration & Academics" from the drop down menu.

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Step 2


Screen 3:  Select "Add/Drop System" on this page

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Step 3


Screen 4:  Select "Add/Drop/Waitlist" on this page

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Step 4


Screen 5: Select "2023 Fall"

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Select the registration term


Screen 6: Select the "Enter CRNs" Tab 

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Screen 6


Screen 7: Enter your CRN number and select "Add another CRN" until you have added all your courses. Then select "Add to Summary."

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screen 7


Screen 8: Make sure your courses are listed in the summary in the bottom right. They will have a status of "Pending."

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Screen 8

Select the SUBMIT button to register to all your classes.

Screen 9: You have completed registering if all your courses show "Registered" as your status.

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Screen 9


Still Have Questions?

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