UVU Department Information

Access to UVU Canvas

Steps to gain access to Canvas:

  • Complete the approval process to become a UVU Concurrent Enrollment (CE) instructor
  • Fulfill all UVU and CE mandatory training:
    1. FERPA
    2. Data Protection Agreement
    3. CE New Instructor Training
    4. Department Training
  • The CE enrollment coordinator schedules the instructor to teach a course in the Banner system and provides the Course Registration Number (CRN)
  • Banner and Canvas will automatically synchronize, creating a Canvas user account
  • Instructors can then access Canvas through the MyUVU Workplace by clicking the Canvas icon in the top ribbon
  • The schedules CE courses should appear on the instructor's Canvas dashboard
  • The instructor contacts the UVU Department Liaison, providing UVID number and CRN, to request access to departmental content for use in the high school CE course
  • The Department Liaison coordinates with the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) to grant permission for the instructor to access departmental content, typically within an Ongoing Development Sheel (ODS) (e.g., ODS_MAT_1010_CE)
  • OTL adds the CE instructor to the specified CE department content shell
  • The CE instructor can then view the content and import it into their own UVU semester course