Concurrent Enrollment Teacher Benefits

  • "Better students; smaller classes"
  • Paid Professional Development
    An annual Concurrent Enrollment training and information meeting is held at your high school campus. An annual department training meeting is held on the UVU campus. You will be paid at an adjunct hourly rate for attending these meetings.
  • CEUs, State Credit, Recertification Points
    You may earn units by attending professional development activities.
  • Take a UVU class
    Concurrent Enrollment provides a tuition only scholarship for approved adjunct instructors. The scholarship is available each semester (including summer) and covers one, 1-5 credit hour course. For more information, please call or email Memo Caldera.
  • Faculty UVU ID card
    Access the library, Student and Wellness Center memberships, and other facilities; Receive bookstore discounts with your UVU ID card. Call Concurrent Enrollment for a verification form.
  • Collaborate with UVU Faculty
    Concurrent Enrollment is continually improving collegial interaction among UVU and high school instructors.
  • Prestige of a Nationally Accredited Program
    UVU is accredited through the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Please contact the UVU Concurrent Enrollment department with any questions or for more information at 801-863-8376.

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