Registration Resources


A hold on your account can limit your ability to register for a class. Understand what hold you have and what to do to get it removed.

Cashier hold/ Collections

Unpaid tuition ($5 a credit)  prevents your ability to register for a class and order transcripts.  

Find My UVID

If you have been accepted to UVU, but don't know your UVID#, follow this link.

Missing UVU Welcome email

If it has been over 48 business hours (weekends don't count) since you completed the Admissions application and have a CEAPP**** confirmation email but have not received a Welcome Email from UVU, use the button below to submit a ticket.

Prerequisites & Testing Services

Some courses will prevent you from registering unless the prereq has been met.  Click here to see the list of classes that have a prereq.

Ferpa - Proxy record access

In order for others to have access to your student UVU account and records, you will need to follow this link to give your permission.

Petition (Exceptions to Academic Policy)

The process to request a change to your UVU academic transcript based on extenuating circumstances.

Common Registration Errors

If you know your correct CRN# and are still having problems registering, check to make sure these steps were followed properly. 

DropPing or Withdrawing From a Course

The process to withdraw or drop a Concurrent Enrollment class after the UVU deadline has passed.

UVU Transcripts

View your transcript in your myUVU portal or order your UVU transcript online from the Registrar's office.


9th - 12th grade students may participate in Concurrent Enrollment, but it must be done through a High School setting. 

Leave of Absence (LOA)

CE students do not need to fill out a LOA, but they do need to defer scholarships and change their Admission status after graduation.