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2023 Professional Development Conference

October 5th is coming up fast.  Here is the program -  2023 Professional Develpment Conference Program 

Instructor Handbook

As a high school instructor, you play an essential role in the success of this program.  This Instructor Handbookis for you to learn more about the Concurrent Enrollment Program and to discover the tools available to you.


Paid Professional Development

An annual Concurrent Enrollment training and information meeting is held at your high school campus. An annual department training meeting is held on the UVU campus. You will be paid at an adjunct hourly rate for attending these meetings.

Recertification Hours
You may earn hours by attending professional development trainings.

Take a UVU class
Concurrent Enrollment provides a tuition only scholarship for approved adjunct instructors. The scholarship is available each semester (including summer) and covers one, 1-5 credit hour course. See additional information below under "UVU Tuition Waiver Benefit."

Faculty UVU ID card 
Access the library, Student and Wellness Center memberships, and other facilities; Receive bookstore discounts with your UVU ID card. Call Concurrent Enrollment for a verification form.

FREE UTA transit pass
Must obtain a faculty ID card to utilize this benefit. The transit pass is added to an instructor's faculty ID card and is active during the time the instructor is teaching Concurrent Enrollment.

Collaborate with UVU Faculty
Concurrent Enrollment is continually improving collegial interaction among UVU and high school instructors.

Prestige of a Nationally Accredited Program
UVU is accredited through theNational Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Concurrent Enrollment State Master List

Explore this listof all USHE CE courses offered from UVU.  Search by institution (UVU) to view courses that could possibly be offered at your high school.

UVU Department Liaison Contacts

The UVU respective department liaison is available to support all approved high school instructors by answering questions regarding course curriculum, the department's teaching philosophies, assessment methods, etc. Here you will find their contact information.

UVU Tuition Waiver Benefit

Take a UVU class.
Concurrent Enrollment provides a tuition only scholarship for approved adjunct instructors. The scholarship is available each semester (including summer) and covers one, 1-5 credit hour course. 
See instructions.

Classroom Resources

Accessing Class Roll

CE Instructors are highly encouraged to check their UVU rolls several times during the registration period and again throughout the year.  This enables them to help students be registered before the deadline or to correct a mistake in registration. See attachmentfor instructions.

Grading Tutorial

CE Instructors are responsible for recording grades into the UVU banner system for each CE student. For semester classes, students' grades are entered at the end of the fall and spring semesters. For full-year classes, grades are entered at the end of the spring semester. See attachment for instructions.


All CE instructors are required to submit their course syllabus, for review, to the department liaison during the annual classroom visit or upon request of the liaison. An instructor may add to the syllabus, but the original department content should not be changed or deleted. The course syllabus can be downloaded from this website.

Sponsorship Proposal

The CE office offers sponsorships to partnering high school CE instructors to financially support field trips to further the classroom experience with hands-on opportunities. Examples: Bus, Admission. The proposal must be submitted to the CE office four weeks before the activity. See attachment for proposal. To submit a reimbursement for your sponsorship, please submit this form.

We are committed to assisting every instructor through providing support, professional development, and celebrating success. 

August Registration Kick-Off

A Registration Kick-off is organized and lead by the high school site coordinator. Administrators, CE high school instructors, counselors, coordinator and registrar should be in attendance. This required meeting provides important policy updates and delivers marketing materials to encourage student participation.

Yearly Department Visits

An annual visit to Concurrent Enrollment classrooms provides an avenue for departments to share objectives, promote UVU programs to college-bound students, and allocate time for class observation.

Development Conference

One of the distinguishing features of our program is the ongoing professional relationship between university faculty and high school instructors. Our annual concurrent enrollment conference supports instructors in improving and expanding connections to their discipline. Each department hosts a session to offer collaboration, innovative concepts, pertinent strategies, resources and assistance.

*This year's Professional Development Conference will be on   October 5, 2023 at UVU Orem Campus. 

Award Lunches

UVU Concurrent Enrollment has four awards in the areas of: Diversity and Inclusion, Momentum, Completion, and Growth. Connect with your High School Coordinator to learn how you can contribute to help your school be recognized. Lunch is provided to the CE instructors, counselors, facilitator, coordinator, and administration of the winner of each award.

Campus Events

Contact your department about potential university events that would encourage student engagement.