Resources for TRIO Students


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Computer Lab and Break Room

TRIO SSS has a computer lab for TRIO students use. Students can access the lab to write papers, complete  homework, do research, check their email, register for classes, access Canvas, print, etc. 

Due to COVID-19,  TRIO SSS will limit the amount of students that can gather in the lab to 10. Social distancing rules will be enforced and masks are recommended to be worn, if you have not been fully vaccinated. 

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We also have a breakroom available for TRIO students use. There is a microwave, fridge, and cheap snacks available for students to have a deserved break. 

Due to COVID-19,  snacks availability might be limited and there is not seating available. Sanitazion of the area will be done rutinarily and masks need to be worn at all times. 

Computer Lab and Breakroom Schedule

Monday-Friday 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. Closed Weekends. Due to COVID-19, this schedule might be modified without notice.

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Priority Registration

If you are a UVU student that has been accepted in the TRIO Student Support Services program, then you might apply for Priority Registration. 

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If you have a hold on your student record, this might prevent you from registering. Check your UVU student record to make sure you do not have any holds from Parking Services, Fulton Library, Financial Aid, or Academic Standards. Before registering each semester, please talk to your Academic Advisor to plan the best schedule and classes for you.

You need to complete the following requirements ONLY if you are a NEW TRIO SSS student. If you have been participating in the program in the previous years, you will be in the priority list unless you have a hold or you have 100 credits or more.

1) Make an appointment to meet with Keith Jensen to discuss the program (801 863 8593).

2) Make an appointment to meet with Camille Beecroft and take the CliftonStrengths finder test (801 863 8844).

3) Make an appointment to meet with an advisor at the UVU Money Management Resource Center, to discuss about financial literacy topics (801 863-5388).

4) These requirement needs to be completed before registration begins each semester. Learn more about UVU registration.

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TRIO SSS Scholarship required class


Designed for individuals interested in acquiring personal financial planning skills.