DocuSign Guide

Signing DocumentsDocusign software is available for administrative use campus-wide.

Now you can electronically send documents for signature and manage the documents you send, allowing for multiple people to sign, and the ability to access and store all your documents instantly and securely.

If you’re a UVU Faculty or Administrative Staff member, you can apply for a UVU DocuSign Account. 

What is DocuSign?

Docusign provides an easy, fast, and secure way for filling out, sending, signing, tracking, and storing forms and documents.

Who would use DocuSign at UVU?

If you are UVU Faculty or administrative staff, and you manage contracts, acquire and process forms, or route paperwork for multiple signatures on or off campus, then DocuSign might be the right tool for you!

What can you do in DocuSign?

  • SIGN any document electronically with your e-signature
  • SEND documents for signature and manage the documents you send.
  • STORE all your documents instantly and securely.
  • SECURE documents on DocuSign which is ISO 27001 SSAE16 compliant/encrypted

I was asked to sign a document via DocuSign, what do I do?


If you have any trouble opening the link, or providing your e-signature via DocuSign, please contact the Service Desk for support.

I am a UVU Faculty/Administrator, and would like to send a form to require e-signature from multiple people via DocuSign – how do I get started?

  1. Request a UVU DocuSign Account emailing
  2. Once you have your account set-up, you can log-in, and begin the process:

Getting Started

If you have any trouble logging into your DocuSign account, or if you need additional support in sending or managing your documents via DocuSign, please contact all the Service Desk for support  or send an email to

I have a UVU DocuSign Account, how do I set-up Templates, Send Envelopes, and Manage my Account?

Go to:

Templates Managing Envelopes Sending



List of  UVU DocuSign Forms (beta)

If you’re interested in DocuSign PowerForms, email us for information at