Faculty Research and Web Resources for Professional Activities

Faculty Web Pages and Sites Standards

UVU will provide a web environment for academic content related to faculty research and other scholarly works at UVU. Faculty currently employed at UVU may request web space, to be restricted to the conditions stated below:

1.   No content, links or information on this web environment shall violate State or Federal laws or UVU Policies. Content in violation of these standards may be removed and access may be revoked.

2.   Privacy rights of individuals must comply with UVU Policies, FERPA.

3.   Sites must conform to UVU Policy 452 Electronic Information and Technology Accessibility.

4.   While placing information about items that may be commercially available is acceptable in compliance with UVU Policy 114 Conflict of Interest. No content may be used to promote the sale of any product or service.

5.   Inappropriate or illegal content will result in the immediate removal of authorization to post material and deletion of all files and folders (i.e., copyrighted material, digital content, etc.). See UVU Policies: 428 Graphic Standards, Signage, and Use of Institutional Logos and Seals; 441 Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities; 444 Academic Freedom and Information Access; 445 Institutional Data Management and Access; 452 Electronic Information and Technology Accessibility; and 542 FERPA (Student Records Act).

6.   The faculty member is responsible for all materials on their page. Content must be compliant with State and Federal law.

7.   The primary focus of this web environment is to provide a means to provide information that is NOT official UVU information, yet has clear academic or professional value, to students, faculty, and the community. All user-generated information should be open to the public.

8.   All official department, school, organization, entity, or catalog information will reside on the main uvu.edu site. Any of these pages and sites can link to those, but no official information will be posted on this web environment.

9.   Faculty members who are denied access to the web environment as a result of violation may appeal through normal administrative channels.

10. Posting current term course materials outside of the official Learning Management System is prohibited.

11. All scripting, database, and application development must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs and a review committee on a case by case basis.

12. All comments, concerns, enhancement requests, etc. should be directed to the Associate Provost of Academic Administration.